Using Instagram to Get the Word Out About Your New Business

Thousands and thousands of small business owners have discovered the marketing benefits offered by Instagram. This application has been described as a fun and quirky way to promote a business.

As they say, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’; Instagram can help you say volumes the easy way!
As they say, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’; Instagram can help you say volumes the easy way!

Although the site first appears as nothing more than a way to share photos, savvy marketers know it is actually a potent way to connect with customers and potential customers and to market services and products. The result is new and improved relationships with customers and increased sales.

Build the Business Brand

One way to get the word out about a new business is to offer personal information that gives customers an inside view of the business and the people that run it. Instagram can make this happen in a fun way. This is a great way to assist in building the brand of the business.

But marketing with Instagram doesn’t have to stop with expected promotional techniques. For instance, business owners can share photos of products and services offered as well as photos of things that happen to be more personal in nature.

Share and Connect

Sharing photos of a pet or even of a favorite food, a hobby, or other interest can help create a feeling of connection for customers. This results in a bond and a relationship that goes beyond that typically found between seller and buyer.

Basically, it’s possible to tell a story about the business and the people that work there through images shared. This is an intriguing way to market, and it allows the business to reach a wide audience.

Keep Them Coming Back

Like other social media networking platforms, one of the goals is to get and keep followers. With that goal in mind, contests can be a great enticement. For example, the business can request that followers submit photos. Votes can determine the winner.

Promo codes are another way to entice customers to visit the business Instagram page. Discount codes can be included in some of the photos. This is another fabulous way to involve customers.

Let Your Customers Get in on the Act

When it comes to involving customers, one of the best ways is to add their photo and let them tell their story. This is a great way to build relationships.

The photo can demonstrate the way the customer uses your product or service, or it can just be a candid photo of the customer. Giving the customer an opportunity to provide a review and have it posted is good for business, and it strengthens the bonds between the business and customers.

Using Hashtags

Instagram uses hashtags, which are terms used to help gather search results into appropriate classifications/categories and conversations. Using hashtags helps ensure people will find a specific business’s page.

This results in more traffic to the page and, therefore, more involvement there. The end result is increased sales.

Marketing with Instagram is fun – it allows creativity and personalization.
Marketing with Instagram is fun – it allows creativity and personalization.

Final Thoughts – Instagram Is an Effective Marketing Tool

Instagram is a fantastic marketing tool for both small and large businesses. Whether the goal is to sell in a B2B capacity or as a B2C company, Instagram can be an ideal way to promote everything from products and services to events.

Instagram makes it easy for businesses to personalize the experience for customers. The business can build a brand while connecting with customers in a positive way. Bottom line, Instagram is good for business.


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