When to Decide It’s Time to Hire Outside Help for Your Small Business

Small businesses don’t have a lot of margin for error when it comes to running their operations. Minor cost overruns could cause the business to shut down or have a hard time paying their creditors back. With that in mind, when is it a good idea to hire outside help for your small business?When to Decide Its Time to Hire Outside Help for Your Small Business

Would an Extra Person Increase Productivity?

No matter how good you are or how much technology you have, you may need to hire an extra person to handle bookkeeping, talk to customers or run the company social media. Having someone else to delegate tasks to will make it easier for you to focus on the core of your business while someone else takes care of day-to-day tasks.

Would an Extra Person Have a Skill That You Need?

Would that extra person bring a skill to the company that you don’t possess? For example, being able to post messages on social media accounts doesn’t mean that you know how to use social media effectively. Hiring a social media or SEO specialist could help your company increase its online presence and attract new customers.

That Person Could Be an Independent Contractor

The person who you bring to the company doesn’t have to be an employee. If the hire meets certain guidelines, you could classify that person as an independent contractor. That could be a good idea if you need someone to help with a project or you want to outsource your sales team. Independent contractors are useful because they pay their own taxes, provide their own benefits and can be let go with no negative consequences when their contract is up.

Consult with a Third-Party

A third-party such as Elite Ops could help you find the right person or people to help your company expand. Whether you are looking for help with the interview process, help with working with temp agencies or simply don’t know how a new hire would help, a third-party company can work with you to work out all the details. This allows you to expand your business without being fearful of making a mistake that you could cost your company money.

No one person can run a business on their own. At some point, you need to hire others to help your company grow and allow you to spend more time planning the expansion of your company as opposed to stocking shelves or ringing up customers at a cash register.

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