Which Wireless Credit Card Machine is Best for Your Needs?

The use of a wireless credit card machine has many advantages, especially that of being able to take payments on location. Consequently, cashless commerce is one of the most important technological developments aimed at businesspeople who work from home. Use of a wireless credit card machines can increase your business earnings online, but offline as well, and provide many solutions to credit card processing.

From street markets to trade shows, wireless credit card machines give you a virtual storefront anywhere

Wireless processing involves the use of card scanners that transmit card data through wireless cellular networks. This allows the hardware to stay connected to remote networks without the use of hardwired terminals.

The use of wireless solutions for credit card processing can help growing small businesses handle day-to-day sales and other transactions and prevents the need to have a centralized card processing area. In many cases, wireless processing provides a market edge that will definitely improve customer traffic from remote locations.

These benefits include:

  • Transaction Time — The wireless systems are processed efficiently through banking protocol, which decreases transaction time and ensures you get payments right away.
  • Banking Efficiency — Credit card transactions provide better information on customers and ensure the efficiency of banking without the need to use physical cash.
  • Accounting Work — Data processed through the wireless credit card system is automatically saved and calculated, thus making accounting less of a hassle.
  • Customer Satisfaction -– The use of a wireless system improves the speed of transactions, giving the customer a positive sales experience on the go.


Before choosing a wireless credit card machine for your small business, take the time to evaluate various options available. Here is a quick checklist:

  • What type of hardware is provided?It’s important that the hardware compatible with your computing platform. If you have a Mac and use an iPhone, some programs will be ruled out automatically.
  • What cards will it accept?Most wireless credit card machines accept Visa and MasterCard, but do you need to also accept American Express or Diners Club? Many travel-related businesses can’t avoid these two industry staples.
  • How are the transactions processed?Understanding the process for transactions is key to knowing how a machine with fit into the business.
  • How safe will the transactions be?Internet security is a major issue when dealing with financial information from customers. Be sure security is of the highest level.
  • How much training is offered by the provider?Any new technology is usually fraught with pitfalls. Be sure training is adequate and that you can easily get technical support at the times you most need it.

Easy Credit Card Transactions = Happy Customers

If being tied to a landline or Internet connection for credit card processing just isn’t practical for your business anymore, consider a more portable credit card machine option. Wireless credit card terminals are small enough to fit in a pocket and lightweight enough to take anywhere you need to complete the sale.

Benefit from card-present swipe rates and the immediacy that credit card transactions provide. Wireless processing also reduces operating expenses and offers the freedom to conduct business outside the traditional brick-and-mortar storefront.

Adding credit card processing to your repertoire is one way to grow a small business into something bigger and more profitable. A portable credit card machine for small business can make it possible to deliver your product or service and compete for customers against merchants and service providers who are much larger. This game-changing technology will empower you and your business anyplace there is a customer!

Sarah Boisvert writes on a variety of business topics including marketing, sales and finance for start-ups. She also covers technology including 3D printing.

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