Why Social Networking on Your Smartphone is Smart

If you only use social networks on a computer, you’re neglecting one of the best ways to get online and share new content. Using social media from a smartphone is one of essential component of maintaining a consistent presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Phones also offer unique ways to communicate via social networks that a computer just can’t offer. As long as your phone’s data plan can support it, there are really no major drawbacks to social networking from a mobile phone.

You Can Post From Anywhere
OK, well, not literally anywhere — but just about. As long as you have access to your smartphone’s 3G or 4G network, you can access your social networking accounts and interact with your friends and followers. This means you’re not chained to a desk or even a laptop when it’s time to update your social networking profile. You won’t have to rush back to your office to manage your business’s Facebook page; you can respond more quickly to your fans’ feedback and comments, which helps you build a strong relationship. Even if you’re just using your social network for personal reasons, your friends will appreciate your prompt response.

You Can Add Other Media in Just a Few Seconds
When you use social media from a smartphone, you can upload photos or videos you take with the device right to your social media account. If you are an iPhone and Twitter user, the process is especially easy. When you take a photo or video and tap the “Share” icon, one of the options is to tweet the media. It just makes sense to communicate via your cell phone when you are adding images or videos, because the process is so streamlined that it takes hardly any time at all. If you want to add a photo or video to a social network from a computer, you’ll have to transfer the images from your camera to your computer first — this takes a few minutes, and over time you’ll lose hours you could have spent doing something more important.

Getting on social networks from a desktop or laptop is still a worthy practice, but ignoring smartphones is not a good idea. You’ll spend more time uploading media, and be limited as to when you can post. For more details on the increased use of smartphones for social networking, check out this article from the comScore Date Mine and this one on Computer World.

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