WordPress Versus Blogger: What Are the Main Differences?

When you are setting up a business blog, you obviously have a goal to make it successful. In most cases, these blogs are created as extensions of business websites. Because blogs are designed for the purpose of adding new content on a frequent basis, they can significantly increase brand recognition and even result in improved rankings at SERPs (search engine result pages).

Build a blog on a quality platform and start blogging!
Build a blog on a quality platform and start blogging!

But before these benefits can be enjoyed, the business of choosing a blog platform has to be determined. For years there has been a debate about various blog platform options available. However, most people choose either Blogger or WordPress.

Let’s Talk About Blogger


  • It’s a very cost-effective choice. A Blogger blog does not require hosting.
  • This is an extremely easy to use platform – even for someone with no experience. It requires very little technical knowledge, which makes it ideal for first-time bloggers.
  • Blogger is a secure platform – these blogs are rarely hacked.
  • Some gadgets/plugins are available. These can be used to enhance the blog site functions.
  • Blogger provides a variety of ready-made templates, which can be used to make the sites more interesting to view.
  • In general, Blogger is fast to load.
  • On occasion, Blogger adds new features that make the platform more customizable and optimize blogs for search engines.



  • Blogger does not have a guest post blogging feature.
  • If you change your blog template, the customizations will be removed.


About WordPress


  • WordPress is also a simple platform (but most people consider it more complicated than Blogger).
  • A large selection of plugins is available.
  • A huge selection of free templates is also available.
  • You can give other bloggers access to make posts on your blog.
  • Customizations to templates are backed up, which means if you change templates, the customizations are saved.
  • WordPress adds new updates frequently – and each update brings about improvements, most of which are focused on security and customizations.



  • More technical knowledge is needed with WordPress.
  • You will have to pay for your own hosting.
  • WordPress works best at higher net speeds.
  • Hacks are on the increase at WordPress blogs. You will have to ensure your blog is protected.


The Reality

The reality is, the success of your business blog will depend more on the content you add to it than the platform you put it on. Be sure to focus on adding original content that is informative and on meeting the needs of your target audience.

Avoid any black hat techniques. Use proper SEO strategies and link building methods.

If you’re serious about blogging, WordPress is an excellent choice.
If you’re serious about blogging, WordPress is an excellent choice.

What it All Means

Now you have the information, but what does it all really mean? Technically speaking, you can create a nice blog with Blogger or WordPress. But there are certain advantages with each of them.

When it comes down to it, the choice is really up to you. Which platform is best for you depends on how serious you are.

If this is a casual venture and/or you are unsure of your technical skills and you don’t want to invest much into what you are doing, then Blogger will probably be ideal. However, if you plan to build an ongoing business blog, WordPress might be a better choice.

WordPress can be customized to match your business website. This can create a seamless look and feel for your audience. There will be a smooth transition from your main website to the business blog. And keep in mind that template customizations are backed up.

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer WordPress or Blogger?

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