4 Ways to Increase Your Business’ Online Presence

Online business presenceWhen you own a business, the presence that you have and the way that you present yourself to your customers and potential clients, is so incredibly important. In this digital age, having an online presence for your business is just as important as your physical business is. This may seem like an overwhelming or stressful aspect of running a business that you weren’t anticipating. However, maintaining your online business presence is a lot easier than you think! Here are a few ways to increase your business presence online.

Have a clear brand

One of the most valuable things that you can have as a brand, is a strong sense of brand recognition. Ideally, you and your company will be immediately recognizable to your followers and clients. In fact, having a strong brand recognition will help people who are not yet clients, become your clients. Having a brand that is easy to recognize will keep you in potential clients minds, and someday, when their situation aligns with you and your products, they’ll remember you and contact you or purchase your products. This is why having a strong sense of what your brand is so important! Figure out what it is about your brand and business that makes you recognizable and important, and capitalize on that. Make sure that is a key part of what you do and what you post about online. Are all of your services under a certain price point? Is your service faster than any of your competitors? Whatever it is that sets you apart, make it clear to your followers and clients.

Social media is the key to business

Like it or not, you’ll need to have social media accounts. And this extends past just having a facebook fan page for your business. To help your company reach its full potential, you’ll want to also have an Instagram account and a Twitter account. Having followers across multiple platforms will help keep you on their mind, no matter what social media account they are on. You also appeal to new clients who only have one of those social media accounts, who wouldn’t find you otherwise. Social media is a visual platform, and is important to sell something. Make sure that you post visually pleasing photos and create compelling posts and captions with articulate grammar!

Content and influencer marketing

Content and influencer marketing is something that is relatively new to the business and marketing world, but is quickly becoming one of the most important components of owning a business. By creating quality content on a consistent basis, you are inviting your followers to interact with you and your business. The more they interact with you, you’ll create a better sense of brand recognition, and create lifelong customers.

But what is influencer marketing? Within social media, there are individuals with substantial followings. These are influencers. By working with them to post about your company and products, you’ll introduce your company to thousands of new potential customers that you wouldn’t have had an easy way to reach otherwise. It’s a new marketing strategy that more and more companies are beginning to embrace and take full advantage of, and are seeing the benefits.

Paid ads

We can’t deny that paid ads can help increase your online presence! Using ads on the platforms you want to increase views on is one of the best ways to do this! Facebook and instagram ads are great ways to get your company in front of new faces. Set your demographics to mimic the people who already follow you and love your products, because this demographic is the one that will respond best to your ads. Avoid promoting the ads to the people who are already following you, which is best achieved by setting your own targets rather than the default.

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