4 Ways to Defuse a Situation With an Upset Customer

4 Ways to Defuse a Situation With an Upset CustomerIt is not easy to deal with an upset customer. For starters, an employee will want to avoid confronting the client or angering them further. At the same time, the company will want to keep the customer happy and returning in the future. Luckily, with these four tips, one will know how to defuse the situation with an angry and intense customer.

Great reviews:

Utilizing services like the ones found at opentell.com, a business can have great reviews and testimonials. Now, one will wonder how this relates to customer service. However, when a potential or angry client sees this, he or she will think that they are the one with the problem. Remember, it is important to show a certain reputation; when doing so, an organization will enjoy the benefit of the doubt. Since most people are not good at writing their own testimonials, it is beneficial to hire an expert who can help the company succeed in these areas.


For many, it is hard to sit down and listen to an angry customer. But, this is important as an unhappy person will want to vent their frustration. Funnily enough, some people, upon yelling at someone for a while, will calm down and feel great again. While this might not be fun for an employee, it will make matters easier on everyone involved. At the same time, while listening, one should try to hear their problem out and not just nod their head up and down.

Say sorry:

It is important to make the client feel special. Sometimes, this means that a company employee must bite his or her tongue and give a sincere apology. With a simple apology, a client will feel good and will not want to argue any longer. One must understand that a paying customer will just want to have his or her voice heard; when receiving a heartfelt apology, he or she is likely to calm down and start looking for a solution.

Offer freebies:

It is not wise to give angry person something free off the bat. However, when listening the problem and coming up with a solution, a staff member should try to give him or her a freebie. With this inexpensive and simple gesture, the business can keep the customer and keep him or her from getting angrier.

With these four tips, one can calm down an angry and irate customer. This is a great skill to have as an unhappy customer who does not have his or her issues resolved is unlikely to return.

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