5 Easy Ways to Make Your Website Interactive

The days of bland, boring websites are over. In fact, the Internet is rapidly allowing more and more businesses to build websites where visitors can actually engage with the content in a way never thought possible. This is due in large part to social networking integration, but also the evolution of a myriad of different scripts and platforms you can use to build your website. These days you can build a fully functional website on your own, for free, that looks like it was done by professionals at a premium rate. Whether you want to build a site from scratch or if you already have an existing website, integrating interactive elements allows users to experience your brand on a multidimensional level, which can ultimately boost sales for your business and earn you more exposure on the web. Here are 5 easy ways to make your website more interactive.

  1. One of the easiest ways to make your site more interactive is by adding social networking buttons. Adding buttons is usually as simple as adding a few codes that you or your programmer can add in the back end of your website. Adding these buttons on the top or bottom of your site will allow users to share your content with their immediate network and the rest of the world.
  2. Another great way to make your website more interactive is to add a search bar. Allowing people to ability to search your site for specific content will allow the user the freedom to explore your site on their own terms. The small, added convenience of adding a search bar is a simple supplement to your site that will show that you care about user experience. Hopefully they’ve found your site for a specific reason, so why not give people the chance to search exactly for what they’re looking for, especially if it’s a product or service you offer.
  3. Adding galleries is another way to make your website more interactive. Many websites will feature photos and video. Incorporating those videos and photos into a slideshow format that visitors can browse through will keep them engaged and on your site for longer. The longer a visitor is on your site, the higher the chances of making a worthwhile contact.
  4. You can also build your site on a platform that allows for maximum flexibility. These sites are called content management sites and most of them you can very easily build on your own with minimal frustration. These sites are great because they make adding your content, like text, photo and video easier than ever. Websites today are becoming as simple as following a step-by-step process (click here for more info). And be sure to visit this great site to learn more: http://www.make-a-web-site.com.
  5. And perhaps most importantly, try not to make your website so heavy. One of the easiest ways to make your website more interactive is to limit the amount of waiting people have to do for pages to load. There are lots of scripts that will allow you the option of having the most minimal page load time. Sometimes, the easiest way to make your website more interactive is to not let people wait around to get to the content you have to offer.

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