5 Ideal Home Business Opportunities


If the idea of running your own home business has crossed your mind in early 2015, are you ready and willing to move ahead?

For some folks, working for someone else is an ideal situation.

They don’t have to worry about anything other than showing up for work and producing. No invoices, no hiring and paying employees, no having to deal with the pressure of firing someone. You basically just show up for work, do your job, and leave the worrying to someone else.

Others, however, like the challenge of running a business out of their home, then seeing it grow to other locations.

While it can be long hours and lots of decision making, it also allows for a greater feeling of independence and long-term career satisfaction.

What Works Best for You?

If you find yourself one of those individuals who wants to run their own home business in 2015 and then expand it, what line of work will you opt for?

While you can certainly use your own time and efforts in finding a franchise to call your own, you can also use providers like Franchise Expoto make the job easier. Having a company provide you with tips on the best franchise investments for 2015 will save you the time and hassle of doing all the leg work yourself.

With that in mind, here are 5 franchise opportunity ideas to mull over for this year and beyond, businesses that can start right out of your home and grow from there:

1. Tax planning – As the old saying goes, there are only two certain things in life, taxes being one of them. You don’t have to be one of the big nationwide tax planners to have success from your home. Build up your clientele list with friends, family, former co-workers, neighbors etc. and grow from there. While consumers typically zero in on their tax obligations from the early part of the year up until April 15, you can provide them with year-round services, expanding to things like notary needs, wills, retirement planning and more;

2. Medical supplies – Another certainty in life is that people will need medical supplies throughout their lives. Whether young or old, they can come to your home business for orders on things for everyday needs to more serious requirements when they’re injured or recovering from surgery;

3. Deliveries for senior citizens – As more and more Americans live longer; the need for services continues to grow. Acquiring a franchise that offers such services can be both financially and mentally rewarding. For senior citizens no longer able to drive and/or who have trouble leaving their homes or senior care facilities, delivering necessary products and services can be profitable;

4. Food catering – Whether it is for family or business get-togethers, wedding receptions or whatever the case may be, a food catering business can be profitable 12 months a year. While you will obviously need a facility to house the food, you can run such a franchise from your home by using your residence as the base of communications;

5. Nursery care needs – Lastly, with more American families needing both parents to work in order to make ends meet, there is a large demand for nursery care. While licensing needs must be met, running a daycare out of one’s home is a great opportunity to be around the little ones. The Internet can make it simple to coordinate all the schedules and provide comfort for parents knowing their children have a place to go during working hours.

Keep in mind that acquiring or starting a franchise is no small task.

While there are some legal requirements involved, you also need to remember that the business idea needs to be shareable and easy to teach.

It should also be one that can be duplicated in order for it to grow in various locations, be it locally or nationwide.

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About the Author: Dave Thomas writes for a variety of websites on topics such as marketing and small business.

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