5 Inexpensive Marketing Tactics for Home Based Businesses

When you are the owner of a home based business, you typically have to get creative when it comes to your marketing tactics. You can’t necessarily have a grand opening party, because, well, you’d be inviting people to your house. Moreover, you can’t really put your address anywhere, because that would be a security risk. For business owners who’s base of operations is at home, you will usually have to rely largely on the Internet. There is a plethora of ways to market your home based business online using tactics that are both easy and inexpensive; many of them are totally free. Here are 5 inexpensive marketing tactics for home based businesses.

  1. Start a social media campaign. Depending what type of business you do, you might find one or two of the most popular social networking platforms that will be perfect for your campaign. All you have to do is set up a profile, add some pictures and write some text about your business. Next, you have to start adding followers and fans of your business. Most importantly, provide your website so that people can visit your business online. Chances are, if you grow a large following that you’ll have a successful social media campaign on your hands.
  2. Have a contest on your website. Contests are a great way for people to visit your website and they make an excellent marketing tactic, especially if the prizes are great. If you have a social media page or a newsletter list all you have to do is send out the information and wait for people to enter the contest. This is also an excellent tactic for new home based businesses that want to grow a following or build a brand.
  3. Next, send information about your company or brand to online news outlets or the blogosphere. If you have a new product or service, just send your press release out with information about your new product or service’s features and explain why it’s the best thing in the world. Some blogs and online news outlets get millions of viewers, which could be a huge boon for your business in terms of traffic and sales conversions.
  4. Another great way to increase traffic and sales is by having a SEM, or search engine marketing, campaign. This kind of campaign is a little more intensive and will take some time, but as soon as you get the hang of it you will see all the amazing benefits. An SEM will include filling your site up with keywords, building backlinks on other sites, and building your presence on the search engines. The key is for your business to rise higher and higher in the search engines so that people search popular and generic terms might better find your website.
  5. Lastly, email marketing is a great way to get information about your business directly to consumers. You can either develop a newsletter subscriber list through your website and send out intermittent blasts whenever there is pertinent news, or you can send direct emails. Remember to be polite, courteous and never spam people, which is the easiest way for your marketing campaign to backfire.

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