5 Things That Can Harm Your Webite’s Google Ranking

Improving your website’s page rank in Google is one of the most important things you can do to increase traffic and gain popularity. Search engine optimization involves utilizing techniques that will increase your website’s standings in Google search–one of the most popular means of finding content on the web. In addition to optimizing your website for Google results, it is important that you don’t do anything to harm your website’s ranking. Avoid these common mistakes to keep your page ranks high.

  1. Ignoring Social Media
    Many webmasters still think that social media is just for fun, but it’s becoming more important for website promotion and search engine optimization every day. Google is already getting more involved with its own social media platform, and the introduction of Facebook’s new Graph Search function is expected to push this trend even farther. Social media networks are some of the most highly trafficked hubs on the web, and promoting your website through these channels can significantly boost your website’s Google ranking.
  2. Droning Key Words
    Proper use of key words is extremely important for search engine optimization, because Google indexes websites for search results based on the use of those key words. However, you can’t simply drone on and on with the same words and expect your page rank to rise. Google is getting more complex with the way it handles key words, and that means you’ll need to diversify your terms. You’ll need to make use of at least three relevant key words on your page to keep your Google rank from dropping.
  3. Inappropriate Content
    Your website’s content is extremely important with regards to page ranking, because it is content that users are seeking when they run Google searches. Google penalizes websites full of irrelevant and substandard content by lowering page ranks. Make sure that your content is always relevant and consistent with your website’s theme. Some kinds of content will result in stronger penalties, and in extreme cases you could find your website eliminated from search results. Google strives to give its users the content they are seeking, and your website needs to do the same.
  4. SEO Subterfuge
    Some people will do anything to get ahead, but those who use dishonest means always meet with consequences down the line. Google is constantly fighting efforts to use illicit and illegal means to increase page rankings. Some companies have made attacks on competitors using negative SEO tactics, while others have attempted to boost their own rankings using technological subterfuge. Trying to beat the system like this will only harm you in the end, as the brightest minds in the world are working to fight dirty tactics like these.
  5. Careless Disavowing
    Google Analytics includes a disavow function for users to clean up their traffic by removing certain back links from their statistics. This is a potentially useful tool for Google penalty removal, but it can be dangerous as well. Careless use of the disavow function does more harm than good. In many cases, you can find that your ranking in Google will actually suffer from disavowing. Experts recommend that the average user steer clear of this tool altogether, and let professionals handle it.

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