5 Unusual Ways Your Company Should Be Marketing Its Brand

Marketing for Small BusinessEstablishing your company’s unique brand position requires creative marketing. If you have an original brand and a clear message, now is the time to focus your marketing efforts on tactics that other managers simply aren’t focusing on. With so many brands focusing on building an online presence, many companies are overlooking the importance of creativity and originality. Here are 5 unusual ways your company can try to market your brand and stand out in today’s modern world.

#1: Sponsor a Sports Team

Youth sports teams always need sponsors. The sponsors help pay for uniforms, league fees, and even the cost of travel. If you want to help the youth of your community and market your brand the traditional way, consider sponsoring a sports team. By hanging banners on the field, printing a custom sport towel for each player, and adding your brand to the team uniform, you can ensure hundreds of people in your community will hear your message and remember your brand. Consider sponsoring a sports team to access an untapped sector of marketing opportunity.

#2: Try Traditional Marketing with a Twist

You don’t have to focus entirely on traditional marketing tactics to promote a brand. In fact, you can integrate traditional and modern marketing tactics together to have an effective impact. If you’re sending direct mail, putting fliers on doors, or handing out marketing materials, incorporate a QR code. This printed barcode will direct your tech-savvy prospects to your website, your e-commerce store, or your company’s mobile app. At least include a link to your website to invite readers to find you online, like you on Facebook, or follow you on Twitter.

#3: Traditional Mobile Branding

When you think of mobile marketing, you probably think of a mobile-ready website or a text message campaign. While it’s important to have a mobile-accessible website, try going above and beyond when it comes to mobile marketing. Create an app for your company that relates to your business or service. If you’re an insurance company, create a way for users to access rates, updates, and even claim sending tools with your app. The more accessible your company is on mobile and tablet devices, the more likely your company will get noticed and used.

#4: Become an Expert Speaker Online and at Events

One of the main purposes of content marketing through blogs and article directories is to establish yourself as an expert in your field. You don’t have to be one of the thousands of experts online to market your brand. Look for upcoming conventions and conferences that are relevant to your industry. Apply to become an expert speaker at these events. These speaker engagements will allow you to promote your brand while you’re still informing your audience. You could also try giving away¬†promotional gifts at events where you are speaking.

#5: Market Where Your Customers Are

Think about your target demographic. Are you marketing to the youth or seniors? Are you targeting mobile device users or people who read printed papers? You must first identity your target market and then determine how you can reach this group. Some creative ideas include posting fliers on senior bulletin boards, visiting retirement communities, and handing out fliers at skate parks and baseball fields.

Marketing your brand is all about increasing brand awareness. You don’t need a ton of money for marketing, but you do need creativity. Expand your reach, get your name out there, and promote your brand.

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