5 Ways for E-Commerce Merchants to Utilize Google+

Social media marketing is growing more popular every day as businesses begin to recognize the huge potential that lies in this area of the internet. Google+ may not be the most widely used social network in the fold, but its unique capabilities, and connection to the world’s most prominent search engine, make it a valuable resource. Make the most of Google+ to help build your e-commerce business and stay ahead of the curve.

  1. Link Google+ With Your Website
    Every social media presence that you maintain offers a great benefit–the opportunity to bring a new audience to your website. This is especially important in e-commerce, as businesses like yours need to find ways to generate traffic. Linking your Google+ page with your website helps increase your online popularity and boost your rankings in Google searches by associating your content with multiple pages. Be sure to connect your Google+ profile with your website to reap all the benefits of this arrangement.
  2. Spend Face Time With Customers
    Google+ is a great place to hang out, but remember that hanging out can be good for business too–if it’s done right. You can connect with your customers and chat face to face using the Google+ Hangouts utility. This tool allows for video chatting with up to nine other users at the same time. You could use these hangout sessions to provide customer service, solicit feedback, or to simply get to know your clientele. The power of social media for business lies partially in the ability to connect with you customers on a personal level.
  3. Regularly Post Interesting Content
    Keeping your business fresh in a customer’s mind is not easy. Today’s consumer is constantly bombarded with marketing and advertising campaigns, to the extent that many things become muddled or forgotten. Regularly updating your Google+ account is a great way to help your business avoid getting lost in the daily big bangs of marketing. When you provide interesting content on a regular basis, the customers will actually come to you, and they’ll be waiting for your next posts. This is one of the best ways to keep your customers engaged.
  4. Segment Your Audience
    Marketers have long been seeking ways to segment audiences and target specific demographics in their advertising campaigns. Google+ can do this for you quicker than a microwave can heat up dinner. The Circles function in Google+ allows you to segment your followers by whatever criteria you choose–age, gender, geography, common interests or anything else. Breaking your followers into circles allows you to cater to the shared interests of a large group of people every time you post. Tailor your content to be most appealing to each circle, and make the most of every Google+ post.
  5. Expand Your Online Store
    E-commerce thrives on internet sales, and Google+ is a great place to expand your online store. Whether you’re using the popular web shopping cart from BigCommerce.com, or any of the variety of other platforms available, your store isn’t going to promote itself. Use your Google+ page to expand your online store and bring in more customers with posts about your products and services as well as links to your web pages.

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