5 Ways to Affordably Market Your Small Business

5 Ways to Affordably Market Your Small BusinessMany small business owners successfully make use of non-traditional advertising. If you don’t have the budget to launch a national campaign, it is important to think outside of the box; when you do, you attract customers without breaking the bank.

How can small business owners use creative advertisements to promote their brand?

Sponsor Local Events

Sponsoring a community event can promote your company and reach new demographics. If done strategically, you can pick events that are geared towards a certain demographic; a concert will attract a younger crowd, but a community event is more likely to target older people. Be selective and pick events that cater to your target market.

Sponsor Trucks

If you work in an industry that is product driven, you probably ship and distribute your cargo using trucks. If you outsource your shipping, most private trucking companies will adopt your company’s logo and colors; you simply have to contact them and ask. If they say yes, these trucks become a moving billboard around your town; since you’ve already paid for shipping, the costs are minimal.

Little League Sports

Little league sports are a great way to increase business awareness in your community; this marketing tactic helps show that your business is reputable and civic-minded. For a low-cost, your business logo will be displayed at every one of your sponsored team’s events. Parents will appreciate your sponsorship; this makes them more likely to consider purchasing your products.

Promotional Items

The experts at marketingpower.com believe in creating a small catalog of branded items for your small business. These items can be handed out to your customers, at events and at client meetings. Every time a person uses one of these items, they are reminded of your business and the products you offer.

These promotions are often seen in dental offices. Marketing companies that specialize in marketing dentists help companies with branded toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss.

Prize Donations

Donate prizes to charities and community events; galas, silent auctions and charity runs are all great places to build your brand. When you sponsor prizes, your brand name is mentioned during these events. This helps cement a relationship with the charity you are working with; this marketing strategy also generates word of mouth advertising throughout your whole community.

Creative marketing is an effective way to spread word about your business. If you don’t have the money for traditional advertising, you still have many viable options. These options are a great way to build a core base of loyal customers.

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