5 Ways to Grow Your Business Using Social Media

The social networking boom is expanding to all corners of the world, and it is creating a golden opportunity for businesses. Social networks are no longer for individuals only, now that companies can create profiles and connect with friends just like any other user. While many social networking sites are more on the casual side, there are many ways you can utilize any social networking platform to grow your business.

  1. Advertise At No Cost
    Any veteran of the business world can tell you that customers aren’t free. In a capitalist economy, you can’t simply expect customers to flock to your business–you need to go out and promote your company actively to generate interest. Most marketing techniques are quite expensive, but social networks offer you the chance to advertise without paying a single cent. Every update is like a commercial, giving you exposure to a huge audience of potential customers. You can sign up with all of the most popular social networks for free, and the only thing you’ll have to invest is your time.
  2. Connect Personally With Customers
    Customers like to patronize businesses that connect with them on more than just a service arrangement. Offering the best product and service is important, but today’s customer makes spending decisions on a more personal level than ever before. Using social networking sites allows you to become friends with your customers. Communication will always be open and casual, allowing your customers to ask questions directly and receive personal answers. In a world where many consumers are becoming disenfranchised with big businesses, the chance to make a personal connection is highly valuable.
  3. Offer Check-In Discounts
    Special offers and promotions are great both for attracting first time customers and encouraging repeat business. Some businesses have caught on to the brilliant idea of offering discounts to customers who check-in at their retail locations. The benefits of an offer like this are twofold. Your regular fans will be enticed to patronize your business more often, and every check-in will be seen by every one of that customer’s social network friends. This is a great marketing opportunity that benefits everyone.
  4. Develop Your Brand
    A well developed brand is often more valuable than a business itself. Social media websites are great places to work on branding your business. Set up a profile that expresses the attitude you want your company to exemplify. Align your business profiles with pages that are relevant to your vision. Give your business a voice and let it speak through your social media updates. Building a brand will help grow your business immeasurably, and social media networking is one of the best ways to start.
  5. Reach New Audiences
    In the old days of marketing, businesses had to carefully consider their target demographics, because advertising was expensive and not every path was guaranteed to reach the customer. As a result, audiences were severely limited for many businesses. Social media is changing that rapidly. Today your business can easily reach millions of potential customers all over the world simply by making its way through the web of social network connections. Utilize social media to reach previously untapped audiences and watch your business grow.

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