9 Tips for Starting Your Own Business Blog

Starting a small business requires a great idea, a business model, and the proper marketing tools in order to get the word out about the business. One such marketing tool is the business blog. Writing a business blog can help on numerous fronts, which include improving your search engine optimization and showing readers your prowess and capability in your particular industry.

Write with some frequency. Two to three blog posts every week are recommended in order to keep the blog fresh, and a place that readers will want to return to for new and interesting material.

Create a Google+ profile and link to it from your blog. This is important for search engine optimization. Become a Google+ user and your work becomes easier to share, and search engines take the content far more seriously.

Write articles with color and personality – no dullness allowed!

Write blog posts that people will want to share. If your content is interesting, people will want to both read it and share it! If it is boring or off topic, you will likely lose readers. All it takes is one not-so-good post to turn a reader off (or one great one to vastly improve your readership!), so don’t write hastily. Be sure to include imagery, too – it helps to break the monotony of words and can add an element of humor and color.

Have a clear link in your website’s navigation to the blog. Readers need to be able to find the blog to read it. Make sure you have a clear link in your navigation that points to the blog.

Site feed. People will be reminded when you post to your blog that there is a new post if you activate your site feed and they subscribe to it. A reminder to them to do so is a good idea on the blog, too!

Ask prominent bloggers to write a blog post for you. These prominent bloggers should be able to write about your business topic with authority, and have an audience of their own. You will likely garner new readers of your blog when the prominent bloggers tell their audience about their guest post on your blog, which they will inevitably do (especially if you ask them nicely).

Create a space somewhere on your blog where people can suggest post ideas and request to guest blog for you. Most prominent bloggers create the opportunity for other bloggers to reach out and request a guest spot. It is also a great idea to request post ideas from your audience – they are the ones reading the posts, after all! What is interesting to them? What will make them come back week after week?

Offer to be a guest blogger on someone else’s blog. As you garner more readers, other bloggers will want you to guest blog on their own blogs and tell your readership that you did so. Bloggers are also always looking for fresh content that they don’t necessarily have to write themselves (we all run a bit dry on ideas sometimes!), so being proactive and reaching out to bloggers in your business space is a great idea.

Remind people you exist! By including your blog URL in your email signature, everyone who gets an email from you will be able to quickly link over to your blog, and be reminded to check it every time you email them!

Cara Aley is a freelance writer who covers a wide variety of topics from health and wellness to digital marketing strategy.

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