Are You an Email or SMS Marketing User?


Are you more of an e-mailer or a texter?

As a home internet business owner, promoting your products is of paramount importance. Getting out there and reaching the right customers, and keeping loyal customers, are key to your business success.

Email and SMS marketing both provide you relatively low cost ways of doing just that, but which is best?

Should you choose email or SMS marketing to promote your products or services?

Compare Open Rates

As the article “Should Your Business Use Email or SMS Marketing?” points out, SMS beats email when it comes to open rates.

Email open rates clock in at 22%, while SMS tops the leader board with an impressive 98% open rate.

If you want to make sure your message gets seen, SMS can help you to do just that.

On open rates alone, SMS is the stronger choice for your business marketing, but both SMS and email have strengths.

Match Message to Medium

Your choice of SMS or email will be dictated partly by your content.

The short, instant nature of text messages makes them a great choice for time limited offers, advertising new products or services, and getting customers feedback by way of surveys.

The longer form of email has its benefits too.

When you need to build up a trusting relationship with customers by offering valuable information or showing how you can help them solve a problem, email is the way to go.

Email gives you access to a loyal list of subscribers who want to learn more about what you do.

Reaching Your Customers Anywhere

When it comes to reaching customers who are out and about, SMS marketing has the advantage. Most text messages are read upon receipt, so you have a sure fire way to keep your business at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Emails are less likely to be read there and then, but they can still reach your more mobile customers who are checking email on their phones.

To help boost open rates, you will need to grab your customers’ attention with snappy headlines and highly valuable content.

Avoid Spamming Your Customers

Whether you choose to text, email, or both, you should always be wary of spamming your customers.

Part of that is offering real value to your customers. Whenever they open an email or text from you, they should be met with information or offers that are relevant to them.

Always get permission before sending out emails or texts.

Your customers should have opted in for the messages with a full understanding of what you will be sending, and how often. The process for opting out should be clear and easy.

Best of Both Worlds

It’s clear that email and SMS both have their advantages.

SMS has a higher open rate, which gives it a considerable edge over email. However, email is effective for longer form messages and building up a relationship of trust with customers over time.

If you have to choose between email and SMS, think carefully about what you are trying to achieve so you can choose the medium best suited to your message. SMS is more direct and more likely to be opened, but email is better suited if you have a lot to say.

If at all possible use email and SMS together – customers who want to receive offers and texts, backed by a strong email list, is a powerful combination for your business.

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About the Author: Tristan Anwyn is an author who writes on topics including social media, SEO that works, and marketing tricks for home businesses.

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