Are You Coming Home to Better Real Estate Sales?


Working in real estate has many perks to offer.

Many realtors enjoy the hours, though they can be hectic and crazy at times, they also can be flexible and adjustable. Another nice perk is working at home.

Many realtors can work the Internet and phones out of a home office and not be bothered with an external locale.

Whether you are a realtor working at home for a larger company or a smaller one at home, it’s still up to you to market yourself and your properties.

Networking is the Key

Wherever you are working, when you are focusing on marketing, which is a large part of your time as a realtor, don’t forget about social media.

Social media has become an integral part of the real estate world, from Facebook to blogs to Twitter and your company’s own site.

Not only social media, but other ways to enhance your real estate business are imperative, and as the following article looks at, you can garner some good ideas on other aspects of the business from Jim Decker’s profile, or other blogs on specific topics.

Social Media

As far as social media goes, learn your audience.

Different demographics hang out at different social media sites. You’ll be most effective if you learn to play up to each one.

This entails knowing your audience.

Facebook is a great venue for realtors. You can use images and text; people can follow and share – your listings can easily get passed around. Twitter is great for those clients of yours who like a bit of a quicker scan, and Pinterest is an excellent tool for realtors as it plays up to the visual aspect. You can create boards and your Pins stay a bit more accessible for a longer time.

When doing real estate from home, it’s important to take some time each week (even every day) to update and maintain your social media.

You don’t want a new client to find you on Facebook only to see that your latest post was from four months ago and the listing has long passed. Some people find it best to designate certain times to focus on social media, just like standing appointments or meetings.

Home or Office?

As far as working at home versus working in an office, that may depend on not only your situation but also your preference.

Many realtors enjoy the camaraderie of others in their field, while others gain no benefit from that. They’d rather focus on other aspects on the field and growing their own business, rather than partake in the office world.

Because realtors spend so much time interacting with clients, brokers and other agents, working at home from your computer can be a nice refuge rather than isolating as it is in some other careers.

Whichever office you have, don’t let your social media fall by the wayside. It’s too important to your career in real estate; your clients will look for it.

Even when you’ve closed the sale, those clients may still hop on your social media now and then, and you never know when they’ll need something else.

It’s a great way to stay connected, and that’s a big part of it all, after all.

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About the Author: Heather Legg is a writer who focuses on social media, working from home, and successful small businesses. You can find her at Twitter @writeygirl.

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