Are You Disciplined Enough to Work from Home?


For millions of people, working out of their homes and running a home Internet business or being under the tutelage of someone else (but being able to call home their workplace) are a dream come true.

To start with, there are a number of perks when it comes to working out of one’s residence. Among them:

• Not having to deal with difficult co-workers, office politics or overbearing bosses;
• Avoiding for what many can be a cumbersome and expensive commute;
• Lessening the chances of getting sick, something that happens all too often when you’re around dozens of co-workers (especially in the wintertime);
• Setting your own schedule, something which is particularly important if you have kids at home.

So, it sounds like there are few if no disadvantages to working from home, yes?

While it may sound like a dream come true, there are several factors which can make it more challenging than one may think.

Set a Schedule and Stick to it

First and foremost, how disciplined a person are you?

This is a huge factor in that without a great deal of discipline, you could easily fall behind in your workplace (at home) responsibilities. When that happens, not only are you letting customers down, you’re letting yourself down.

In order to most effectively run your home business, keep the following tactics in mind:

• Set a schedule – Whether you are selling financial products and services, or timeshares among countless other services (for your business or telecommuting for someone else), stick to a regular schedule. If you have worked in an office setting before, keep your home hours similar, i.e. 7 to 4, 8 to 5, 9 to 6. It can be very tempting to drift away from this, though you could find the work pile up rather quickly;
• Have an office setting – Another challenge working from home can be feeling like you really have no true place to work from. You might run around your house with your laptop or mobile device trying to do work, but you really need a centralized area in which to operate from. Having such a space also comes in handy when you go to do taxes, as you can deduct a portion of your residence (in square footage) for work-related activities;
• Let the family know – For those running a home business with kids, make sure you set reasonable boundaries from day one. While your children are of the utmost importance to you, make it clear that mom or dad needs to work during the day or night. This is another reason why having a home office and being able to close a door to focus in on work is so important;
• Give yourself some space – Lastly, make sure you take a few breaks during the day just like you would in a corporate setting. Whether it is to go for a short walk, do a few exercises around the house or even squeeze in a short nap or two, give yourself some “me” time to avoid burnout.

As many more Americans opt for running businesses out of their homes, doing it the correct way from the start can be the difference between success and failure.

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About the Author: Dave Thomas writes for a variety of websites on topics such as marketing and technology.

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