Are You Proud of Your Content Marketing?


Writing the words is only half of it.

When you are promoting your home Internet business, you’ve got to get those words out there is a seeable, sharable way.

So once the words are written, and it’s important how they’re written, too, market them.

Let’s take a look at how….

As the following article notes, your business is beginning to take off, but you’re looking at how to generate more leads than ever in 2015 with content marketing.

You want your business to grow, and you’re the one to do it.

Work the Content Marketing Angle

Here are 5 smart strategies for working the content marketing angle:

1. Use Social Media – Social media is the perfect route for sharing. It’s free, and if it’s good enough (and it should be), others will share it and your audience will grow. The more followers you gain; the more sharing takes place and the more new followers you’ll get. Social media can help people sit up and take notice of your business.

2. Create Quality Content – Don Draper would never pass along something he wasn’t proud of; you shouldn’t either. Put thought behind your content marketing, make it representative of you and your business. Add some personality and panache. It’s what the world will see, and hopefully pass along. That means everything from catchy phrases to mistake free grammar needs to be there.

3. Speak to Your Audience – Remember who your clientele is. If you’re marketing to moms with small kids, make it relevant to them, which will be different then if you’re marketing to college kids. Use a certain attitude, a certain pitch and even certain social media that fits your audience.

4. Make it Pretty – Because everything is visual, make it appealing. Include graphics, relevant photos, readable fonts and breakups in your gray space. Catch the eye, and you’ve taken the first step in catching the customer. People like images to break up text. If you are working on a website, make it easy to navigate and visually appealing. Simple is always good, try to stay away from overwhelming as much as you steer clear of boring.

5. Keep it Evergreen – Basically this means don’t out-date yourself. Avoid using words like “yesterday” and “tomorrow;” in a day that will be irrelevant. You can reference trends, but keep them broad. This can be tough as you also want to write current text, but by good word choice and smart use of examples and relevant text, you can pull it off.

Increase Your Leads and Clients

You can do this.

You can increase your leads and clients with some smart and savvy use of content marketing. You want to hook those readers in and keep them wanting more. Deliver what you say you will in a timeless, appealing, shareable, consistent way.

Heck, you may surprise yourself with what a bit of smart content marketing can do you for you and your home business.

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About the Author: Heather Legg writes on topics pertaining to social media, small business and working from home.

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