Are You Regularly Growing Your Mobile Subscriber List?


When you have a home Internet business, you need to drum up clientele.

Your success depends on your clients, and the mobile world is a great one for any marketing endeavor. Via text, you can stay in touch, offer discounts and announce new projects. It’s a great way to reach customers, both current and potential.

You need to get those mobile subscribers signed up, though and there are a number of ways to do this.

Promotions Do Matter

In looking at Text message marketing 101: How to grow your mobile subscriber list, keep in mind to:

• Promote your mobile feeds – This means use all you can to promote your mobile feeds. Use a call to action on all of your social media, on your website, in your storefront if you have one. Add it into any email or direct mail correspondence as well as any other print material.

• Use a QR code – This makes it all one step easier. And you can include the QR code wherever you already have a presence, again, your storefront, direct mail or email, any social media or other marketing venue or correspondence.

• Make it easy and clear – When you give that call to action to sign up for your mobile subscriber list – make it easy. Use bold and all caps when giving the information of what and where to text. For instance, Text PUPPY to 81414 is much easier than Text puppy to 81414. Leave out any extra punctuation, like quotes or dashes. Remember, simpler is better.

• Let users know why they’re doing this – Do you want to send out updates, information, discounts, and special promos? Let your subscribers know what they’re signing up for. If all they are getting is your newsletter, they may be disappointed if they thought they would be receiving weekly specials.

• Incorporate incentives – It can be as easy as 10% off by showing the message or first time subscribers get a free cupcake. Depending on your business, try to think of a cost friendly incentive that will help grow your mobile subscriber list.

• Use group incentives – Just like Instagram users set goals of followers and others give them shout-outs, set goals and use your current followers to help you reach them. For instance, a goal of 100 people is easy and you can ask subscribers to refer friends to help you reach it.

• Deliver strong content – Your users will want to continue to receive your content and refer you if it’s worthy. Keep it strong, current, consistent and not too overwhelming.

You may think it’s enough that you maintain a website, social media and, well, your home Internet business.

However, with the growing use of mobile devices, technology and social media, using text message marketing is becoming a necessity for success.

Follow these tips and share any great ones you may have (you can also share what didn’t work for you!).

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About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer covering topics related to small business, social media and women’s topics.

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