Bring Home a Better Online Business Portfolio


You keep hearing about online business portfolios, and it’s on your to do list to make one, but you still haven’t done it.

You may want to carve out that time now and put a portfolio together to help promote your home Internet business.

If you’re wondering why or what to put in it, read on.

Why Have an Online Portfolio?

As the following article looks at, “The Power and Impact of An Online Portfolio” can be the difference of getting a dream job or not, or hooking that new client in or not.

It can enhance your home business by increasing your marketing endeavors.

You should have one at the ready, and remember to update it every now and then because it:

• Creates added value and an edge – When you are looking for a job, or trying to win a client, you’re putting yourself out there. You need to market yourself, and with an online business portfolio, you’re doing just that. It goes above and beyond the standard resume and cover letter.

• Lets you be creative – A resume is limited. You need to keep it a certain length and it’s basically an outline. An online portfolio is the “coffee table book ” version of you. You can be creative and include photos, videos, designs, recommendations, testimonials, basically anything you want that showcases you.

• Increases your online presence – An online portfolio is online. You can attach it to your blog or social media, and then even before someone contacts you, they’ll be enticed by your great online portfolio.

• Easy to add, update and enhance – You can add or enhance your online portfolio easily. When you’ve completed a stunning new project, add it. If you’ve written a successful new piece, include it. Maybe you want to delete some older material, but it’s smart to consistently refresh what you have.

What Should it Look Like?

• Make sure it represents you – You can include testimonials or other ratings from clients. Add a bit about yourself, your family and hobbies. All of this makes you trustworthy and real, someone people will want to work with.

• Keep representing yourself – Let the portfolio reflect you. If you’re more of a creative, add some flair to it. If you’re more classic; keep a classic tone and feel to it. You can make an online portfolio how you want it.

• Decide where you want it – Do you want it embedded in your blog or website, or do you want to use a specific online portfolio platform? Think where it would best benefit you and put it there.

• Show off yourself – You are marketing you – take the time to highlight your skills and achievements. Include graphics and photos; make it as aesthetically appealing as you can.

Online portfolios are excellent marketing tools.

For those in the creative professions as well as any other, you can design them to fit your business.

This might just give you and your home Internet business the edge you’ve been looking for.

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About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer covering topics related to social media, small business and working at home.

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