Bring Home the Need for Exclusive Text Messages


The only thing customers like more than a great deal is when that deal feels exclusive.

If your home Internet business it trying to attract more customers and increase customer loyalty, exclusive text messages can help.

Here are just a few handheld reasons why exclusive texts can do wonders for your business:

Exclusive Text Message Marketing on the Rise

More and more businesses are turning to exclusive text messaging to better attract and retain new customers.

Not only do exclusive texts pertain to mobile users’ specific wants and needs, they also make it possible to deliver promotions and advertisements in real time.

It’s no surprise exclusive texts and text message marketing in general are growing in popularity. In fact, according to Oracle, 70% of consumers find push notifications, promotional texts, and order update texts extremely valuable.

Likewise, nearly two-thirds of mobile users who subscribe text message marketing have made a purchase as a result of a specific campaign.

Aside from the statistics above, there are a number of reasons why your home Internet business should jump on the exclusive text message bandwagon.

Increased Customer Engagement

Exclusive text messaging is all about customer engagement.

As the article “3 Reasons the Exclusive Text Message Works So Well” states, your customers are way more likely to opt-in to a text campaign that’s exclusive to them. Opt-ins all start with engagement, which is where exclusivity comes into play.

Text message marketing in its basic form increases engagement simply by reaching customers on their mobile devices.

Add to that exclusive campaigns based on customers’ purchase histories and recent searches, and your business will attract customers like never before.

Personal Touch

The idea behind exclusive texting is to provide customers with marketing that’s better than generic, mass advertising. Exclusive text messages are based on a customer’s needs, wants, and interests, so each campaign your business releases has a personal touch.

Any marketing that’s sent via text is already more personal than traditional forms of marketing such as web-based and email.

However, because exclusive marketing speaks to specific groups of customers as opposed to your entire consumer base, each message comes across as more unique and intimate.

Practical Side of Exclusive Texts

Sure, giving each campaign a personal touch and increasing customer engagement are important, but how practical is creating exclusive texts as opposed to mass texts? Fortunately, the text message format makes it very practical.

Remember the following tips:

• Short Format – Because your marketing is in the form of a short text, you can spend more time on individualized campaigns, which increases quality while still providing quantity.
• Affordability – Text messages are relatively easy to create and deliver. This makes campaigning more affordable, especially when you go the exclusive route and target specific customer groups.
• Speedy – Text message marketing is one of the fastest forms of marketing available. Even when you send personalized, exclusive text messages, you can deliver them instantaneously, which lets you concentrate on the next campaign.

When you’re ready to optimize the marketing for your home Internet business, consider exclusive text messages.

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About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including mobile technology and marketing.

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