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While you are trying to decide how to pull more people in to do business with you, as most home Internet business owners are constantly doing, consider mobile marketing and consider the Baby Boomers.

Marketing has departed over the years from print and radio/television ads and made its way to reaching audiences through mobile avenues.

If you are not using mobile marketing – whether alone or in addition to traditional marketing methods – you could be losing out. And if you’re not hitting the Baby Boomer crowd, you could be losing out even more.

Mobile Advertising Moving Fast

Even for those who work on predicting marketing trends, the mobile advertising industry is huge and moving so fast that it is hard to predict.

The benefits of mobile marketing are immense, and include things like real-time information, location sensitive material and great personalized information. Because the mobile world is so big, it can reach a wide audience, and the personalization factor is important, as is the growth rate.

Why Mobile Marketing?

Most people check their phones before purchasing goods, dining out, or working with someone, from doctors to lawyers to school systems and contractors.

You can compare prices, search for coupons, check deals, read ratings and consider reviews; you can check anything out in a number of ways. Consumers have information at their fingertips and want to use it. If your company wants to thrive, your information should be out there, too.

Mobile marketing entails a number of venues, from social media to mobile messaging to push notifications to apps and more.

At least one of these (probably more) should fit your business needs.

Why Baby Boomers?

And it’s not just the younger set that mobile marketing is reaching.

Baby Boomers make up a large percentage of those using mobile devices. Whereas they may not on the whole be as active on their phones as younger generations, they are definitely a market to hit.

In fact, people age 50 and up make up about 45% of the U.S. population, and most of them own a mobile phone.

That’s a big market.

As the following article looks at, it does sound like it’s Baby Boomer time for the mobile market.

What Can You Do?

When marketing to Baby Boomers, make it easy.

Most of this generation isn’t as tech savvy as the younger ones, so there are a few techniques you can employ to make it all the more friendly:

• Make your apps and sites easy to navigate.
• Make sure you have a mobile friendly site.
• Use larger fonts and easy to read graphics.
• Share relevant information.
• Use Facebook as opposed to Tumblr or Instagram.
• Maintain your grammar and sentence structure (may sound silly, but don’t go all text talk on the Baby Boomers).

Targeting Baby Boomers is an important market and important strategy for those running a home Internet business.

Remember, you’ve got a lot to gain from marketing to the older set and by marketing smartly, you may win them over.

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About the Author: Heather Legg is a writer with a focus on social media, mobile marketing and working from home.

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