Bringing Notary Services Home


Every state has notaries certified to witness the signature of documents. In total, more than 4.5 million people have been certified as notaries.

This is a business that is easy to start from home, but you must think about the people who will be coming to your location for your services.

Starting and Promoting Your Notary Business

It doesn’t take a lot of time or work to become a notary.

All you have to do is read the documentation and take the test that allows you to become a notary. Once you have accomplished this, you must think about the practical aspects of starting and running your notary business.

Each state has its own requirements for a notary, but once you pass those, you are ready to begin your career. You may have to purchase a notary bond that protects you from any claims against your service.

As the article, “The Latest Developments with Notary Bonds” states, these laws can change frequently, so make sure you know what is required in your state.

Once you are ready to do business, you must promote your services.

One easy way to do that is through social media. Simply state your services and get friends and family to spread the word.

You should also let other business know, especially attorneys, real estate agents and other industries that either use the services of a notary public or have clients that need them. Online sites like Craigslist and internet versions of newspapers are great places to advertise your services.

Doing Business in Your Home

You want to think about the impact of running your notary business from your home. A few decisions must be made before you begin:

• Will you invite clients to your home or will your business be mobile? Many clients, especially businesses, will appreciate having you come to them for notarizations. It does require that you have reliable transportation.

• What hours will you work? By offering services outside of normal business hours, you may gain clients who don’t want to interrupt their work day. It will mean that you have to be available at odd times.

It is a good idea to reserve an area of your home for your notary services to maintain privacy in the rest of your home.

You also have to think about safety issues when allowing strangers into your home or providing mobile services, especially if you are marketing online. While most people coming to your home are strictly there to do business, you should never take safety for granted.

You may want to limit the hours or choose a public place for the signing unless it is at a place of business. You can also let someone else know where you are going.

Take precautions when allowing clients into your home. Leave windows open and have a phone by you at all times.

Keep a large piece of furniture such as a table or desk between you and the client.

Also, have a clear exit if you need to leave quickly. Pay attention to your instincts about anyone that you are meeting with.

Having a notary business out of your home is an excellent way to make extra income.

Learn how to market your business to be successful and always consider safety first.

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