College Degrees That Will Help You Run an Internet Business

You might be under the impression that anyone can start and run a business in the online arena, regardless of whether or not they have a degree. And you would be half right in making this assumption. The truth is that you don’t need much to start up an internet business. You can avoid the many overhead expenses that come with a brick-and-mortar institution (lease, staff, security, etc.) and it’s easy enough to secure a domain name and lay out a website with a shopping cart for sales. But without an appropriate college degree you’ll be hard pressed to manage your business effectively, which can lead to failure (if not necessarily financial ruin). However, there are several different types of degrees that could help you to reach your professional goals when it comes to running an online business. Here are some you may want to consider.

The best place to start, as you may have guessed, is with a business degree. With classes like econ, accounting, marketing, and so on under your belt you’ll have a much better chance of creating the strategies that are going to make your internet-based company a success. And it couldn’t hurt to have a minor in a related field like communications, either, especially since so much communication occurs via online or mobile means these days. You might also consider some sort of online marketing degree if you can find one – half the battle when it comes to running an online business these days is breaking through the din and catching the attention of consumers.

Of course, opting for a degree program that specifically focuses on online operations would provide you with the best opportunity to advance in your chosen profession, but you might have a hard time finding such a targeted major. In this case it’s probably in your best interest to go for a good business degree and take some internet-specific courses along the way. Many colleges and universities are beginning to offer classes that will help the business leaders of tomorrow use all of the tools at their disposal, and that includes online and mobile media.

Another good option is to look into technical degrees. When you major in graphic or web design, you might not learn how to manage a business, online or otherwise, but you will likely discover how to make layout and design work for you, as well as how to construct an online portal that consumers find attractive and easy to navigate. You might also want to learn the principles and tactics behind search engine optimization (SEO) and social networking, both of which play a major role in expanding an online presence these days. And of course, you can always take business courses in a minor capacity in order to round out your education.

In truth, any number of degrees may help you in your pursuit of a successful internet business. So you might want to stop and consider the industry you’ll be operating in before you make a decision. For example, professional bloggers might want to go for a writing degree, while those who sell cosmetics and other beauty products may want a degree in chemistry. Whether you go to Harvard, Case Western University, or an online school to get your degree, virtually any major study is going to help you when it comes to running an online business. And if you take business and internet courses along the way, so much the better.

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