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Your home Internet business is just as responsible for customer data protection as a multinational corporation like Microsoft.

The problem is, you don’t have the same deep pockets as a company such as Microsoft, and data protection can be complicated and costly.

Another problem is you’re liable to be sued if you lose customer data in the same way as lawyers are willing to sue Microsoft.

So the end result is, you’re just as liable, but you have less liability protection, and less means to get the job done right.

So what are you to do? How can your home Internet business best protect your customers’ data and why is this so important?

Text Marketing Practices

Chances are you’ve heard about text marketing and perhaps you’ve even had the opportunity to witness its power firsthand.

More businesses are utilizing text marketing practices because:

• It’s cheap;
• It’s effective;
• It’s targeted;
• It’s opt-in

Those are four very positive features that can’t be overlooked.

As the following article, “text marketing and the protection of privacy” shows, it can really open up your customers’ sensitive data to the risk of being hacked.

The more you send out targeted text messages using customers’ email addresses and cell phone numbers over a digital air wave, the more likely either your business will be hacked or your customers’ data will be violated.

No matter how you slice the data, it’s your responsibility to protect the data you’ve been entrusted with.

Government Oversight

Laws are being enacted to help businesses like yours – and Microsoft – to establish best business practices that will help protect customer data. But you shouldn’t wait for the government to tell you the right thing to do.

Taking steps before you’re forced to be government regulations helps to show your customers that you take your responsibility seriously, and that you’re willing to assume the cost and hard work it takes to maintain secure data storage.

Hire Third-Party Security

Hiring a third-party security firm is a great way to help you manage the load when it comes to data security.

First off, you’ve got a business to run, and until you grow bigger, chances are you are already wearing a lot of hats in your company.

Keeping up with the latest strategies for online security isn’t something that’s going to increase your bottom line, but it is something that will increase your clients’ trust. It’s worth it to relegate data security to a third-party.

That team will be able to offer your company the best advances in security technology at tiered pricing levels that accommodate small businesses like yours.

They will also be able to keep up with new government regulations. They can make sure your company is in compliance by filing forms on your behalf and submitting proof of adherence.

There’s no better way to show your customers that their data is safe in your hands than by putting your money where your mouth is and hiring a third-party security team.

Then you can feel free to text away, knowing your customers’ data is as safe as you claim it to be.

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About the Author: Kate Supino writes extensively about best business practices.

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