Constructing the Right Online Brand

Value And Price Balance

You think online branding and so many fields of business come into mind, including those running a home Internet company. You think social media and the same thing happens.

An online brand is direly important to a business these days, as so much business is done online.

Even if you aren't primarily an online business, somewhere along the way, you'll need an online brand. And this even applies if you’re asking the question do construction workers need an online personal brand?

Part of the Marketing Process

Just like any business these days – an online brand is all part of the marketing process.

When a potential client is considering you or your business, they are going to take a quick browse online. They want to see your reputation, testimonials, showcases of your work and yes, a website.

How many times have you changed your mind (one way or the other) about a company after seeing, or not seeing, a website or social media posts?

Some Things to Do

In order to make your brand sizzle in front of current and potential customers, remember these marketing items:

Social media– Set up that Inatagram and Facebook account. If nothing else, have these two accounts. Instagram is easy enough and you can have photos of your work on display. Facebook is easy, too, and often the first place people go to look. It’s also a place where satisfied customers can give you accolades and support you. You may be surprised what this simple step can do for you and how your business can grow. But you don’t have to stop with these two platforms, there’s much more to social media, and for a craftsperson, the visual ones like Pinterest are excellent platforms.

Website – Whether you work independently or with a company, a website is an important aspect of online branding. It’s a first impression. If website development isn’t up your alley, find someone to create a site for you. Here you can put your background, certifications, experience, pieces of your work and specialties. You can also have testimonials.

Show yourself – People want to hire the good guys, and by creating an online brand, your potential customers can get to know you. They’ll see your philosophies on your website and your personality through your social media. People want to work with someone they know and trust; let that someone be you. Just because you might work out of your own home doesn’t mean you need to be a relative stranger to consumers.

Keep it current – Don’t let the most current thing people see be a post from three years ago. This doesn’t mean you have to post or update every few hours, but check in once a week or so to add something new, post your latest project or just send out a greeting.

Get online and create a great showcase of your brand, allowing you to construct a network that is second to none.

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About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer who covers topics relating to social media, small business and online marketing.

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