Cooking the Books: 5 Steps to Hiring an Honest CPA for Your Business

A certified public accountant (CPA) is a professional who is certified by the state to practice accounting. Hiring a CPA is important when you want someone who proves the ability to get the job done. However, not every accounting provider is honest in the job application. There are 5 steps that you must follow to hire an honest, ethical CPA for your company.


Cooking the Books - 5 Steps to Hiring an Honest CPA for Your Business

Every profession has educational requirements. Education is the first qualification that many employers want to see. If you are serious about finding a serious accountant, find one who has earned an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. If you own a small company, you can hire an entry-level professional who only has a certificate.


An honest CPA has never been involved in a major theft or company scandal. Run a background check on the accountant to look for signs of dishonesty. The last type of accountant you want is someone who has lied and stolen from a company.


The level of the accountant’s work experience is important. An inexperienced person is not familiar with the vast complexities of accounting work. An experienced professional has encountered and solved a variety of challenges. If you have a large company, you cannot hand everything over to a beginner.

Code of Ethics

Have proof from references and other sources that your financial professional follows a code of ethics. Trust is given to a person who handles thousands of dollars of a company’s money. With honesty and accuracy, your accountant must handle the financial accounts, make statements and handle taxes. Check with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, which is an organization that lists ethical codes for accounting providers.


An interview is carried out by an employer who needs to review the personality and intelligence of a candidate. You can get the job applicant to write down detailed answers or respond to you up close. Ask a series of questions that require deep analyses. During the interview, evaluate how quickly the interviewee provides answers, and verify the answers to check for dishonesty.


A certified public accountant has a distinguished title that must be honored. Hiring an experienced and honest CPA is important. Many U.S. states require that CPAs should pass exams on ethics as part of becoming certified. Review the 5 steps that you should take to find a qualified accountant.

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