Could a Pregnancy Impact Your Home Business?


Running a successful internet business at home is not for the faint of heart.

Whether you have an online shop that sells products, design websites from your home, do freelance writing or run a blog, the lists of things you need to accomplish in any given day is never ending.

I do freelance writing, edit and manage a blog, in addition to having two little girls under the age of two, so I know just how tough it can be to work from home. Add a pregnancy into the mix, and you’re really in for a challenge.

Will a pregnancy impact your at-home business? Yes, of course it will.

Life-Changing events come often

Any life-changing event is sure to affect every single area of your life, including your business. But, it’s definitely possible to work from home while being pregnant or having a child; it’s just going to require you to be a little more flexible.

As the following article “when you’re not ready to be a mom” just quite yet shows, the pregnancy and baby may impact you a bit more than if you were planning on having a baby.

You may find yourself questioning whether or not to keep the baby and find yourself more stressed out than usual.
Stress majorly affects your overall health, which in turn affects your business.

Whichever route you go, though, you don’t need to throw in the towel with your business just because you are pregnant.

Tips on managing an at-home business when pregnant

Among the tips to consider:

1. Be flexible – When pregnant, you’re going to have to visit the doctor at least once a month (more towards the end of the pregnancy), you may feel nauseous during the day, you’re going to feel more exhausted than normal and let’s not forget all the extra trips to the bathroom you’ll need to take. Try to prepare for this by allowing more flexibility within your schedule. Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t accomplish as much during the day as you had hoped. You can work a few evenings to catch up or on the weekends. Eventually, your work will get done.

2. Stay organized – Pregnancy is life’s way of throwing you a curve ball. Since pregnancy is adding responsibilities to your day-to-day life, it’s your job to stay extra organized. When I was pregnant with my second and caring for my toddler, I wrote down everything I needed to do at night for the following day. This allowed me to set my schedule and get my day started out on the right foot. If I had more work to do than normal, I woke up early in order to accomplish my tasks.

3. Make you work area comfortable – Your feet are going to swell, the baby is going to squish your lungs and your bladder, and your back is going to ache. Try to eliminate some of the pain caused by pregnancy by making your work area as comfortable as possible. Invest in a more supportive chair, work from the couch or switch off between work stations to allow your body to move. Don’t forget to take breaks and stretch your legs every half hour.

While running a time-consuming at-home business isn’t necessarily ideal when pregnant, it absolutely can be done.

Make sure to listen to your body, take breaks and allow yourself some time off to enjoy the pregnancy!

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About the Author: Sarah Brooks is a freelance writer living in Charlotte, NC. She writes on a variety of topics including working from home, small businesses and personal finance.

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