Does Your Home Business Need Some Social Loving?

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Social media marketing is used by some of the biggest brands in the world, but it can also be used by home-based businesses of all sizes.

One of the greatest benefits of social media is that, for the most part, it’s completely free.

This can be a huge benefit to a growing home-based Internet brand or small business – allowing you to attract new customers, spread the word about your brand and amass a virtually endless list of leads.

How to Get Started with Social Media

The first step in taking advantage of social media is to create accounts for your business on the major sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Although you’re going to find a larger audience on the bigger sites, consider seeking out niche social networks that directly correlate to your specific business or industry. From there, invite current clients, friends, and family to like and share your pages.

Post Relevant, Useful Content Often

When it comes to getting business social media pages off the ground and keeping them running, posting relevant, useful content often is the key to it all. You want to give people a reason to not only follow your pages, but also to share your content.

In the article, “4 Ways Social Media Can Grow Your Home Inspection Business,” the author discusses the idea that you need to be engaged with social media at least once a day.

Don’t go overboard and post something every five minutes as this can cause fatigue to followers; however, posting content that is interesting and easily shared a few times a day can be a great way to keep people interested and attract attention.

Be Attentive

Along with checking in to post content each day, you’ll also want to be attentive to comments and private messages.

Keep in mind that comments are public unless you’ve restricted them in your settings.

This means that everyone who visits your pages can see where someone has made a comment or asked a question, and failing to reply to these comments and questions in a timely manner can reflect poorly on your company.

Also, if someone makes a negative comment, do not get into a fight with this person.

In virtually all cases, it’s better to apologize publicly and advise the complainant to contact your business directly through email, phone, or private messaging. Trying to handle concerns in the open can open your business up for brand damage and even a lawsuit.

In the end, social media success comes through diligence.

You can pay for advertising through social media, and this may help, but start off slowly and learn how each site works.

Once you’ve gotten down the basics and you can gauge your efforts, then consider dabbling in paid social media advertising.

By providing consistent, interesting viral content, you’re sure to bring in new customers in no time.

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About the Author: Andrew Rusnak is an author who writes on topics that include social media and small business development.

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