Don’t Break the Rules on Mass Text Messaging


If you’re thinking about mass text messaging as a way to spread the word about your home internet business, it’s important to know all the mass text rules and regulations.

Besides, not knowing how to properly initiate a texting plan can get your home business in hot water.

Here are just a few rules to follow when mass texting:

Don’t Overdo It

Part of mass texting is asking permission from your customers to send messages to their mobile devices.

However, just because you get permission, that doesn’t mean you can send as many messages as you’d like.

During the opt-in process, you need to clearly state exactly what you are offering through your mass text campaign. If you’re going to deliver texts on a regular basis, let your customers know ahead of time and give them an opportunity to opt-out.

Likewise, just because one campaign is successful doesn’t mean all of your mass text campaigns will be.

Keep messages to a minimum and make sure subscribers agree to everything they receive in advance.

Track Opt-ins and Opt-outs

Whether you use an automated system or not; it’s important to keep both an opt-in and opt-out list with all of your mass text campaigns.

The article “Mass Text Messaging Must: Know Your Playing Field” mentions making sure your subscribers opt-in.

With an active opt-in list, you can easily track interested subscribers based on specific campaigns as opposed to lumping everyone in the same subscriber list.

On the other end of the spectrum, an opt-out list helps you avoid sending mass texts to uninterested parties. This is important if you want your home internet business to remain in good standing with its customers.

Make Opting Out Easy

There’s nothing more annoying for your subscribers than when they have to jump through hoops to opt-out of one of your mass text campaigns. By making your opt-out options difficult to find, you’re not just losing subscribers, you’re losing customers.

To avoid opt-out annoyances, make sure you include your opt-out options in the initial message.

Also, make opting out a one-click process.

Nobody wants to be redirected to another page where they have to put in their information then confirm their opt-out. That’s more annoying than getting the unwanted text in the first place.

Use the Business Hours Rule

Before you send out your next mass text, keep in mind the business hours rule.

Sending texts from 9 to 5 on weekdays is usually a pretty safe delivery practice. Many businesses actually wait until the afternoon to send texts, especially when they have subscribers in different time zones.

Double Check Violations Before Sending

When you’re ready to go live with your mass text campaign, double check all regulations, rules, and violations before clicking send. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) lists specific violations when it comes to mass texting.

By following the rules and avoiding violations, you can truly put mass texting to work for your home internet business. More importantly, you won’t annoy any subscribers in the process.

If you have texts you want to share with the masses, then remember the information above and don’t break the rules.

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About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including marketing and mass texting.

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