Don’t Forget Your Health Insurance Needs


When you work at home with your own internet business, you have a lot of decisions to make.

Life is different from working for an employer in many ways, not the least of which is how you will purchase health insurance. While many employees pay for at least part of their insurance, they receive discounted rates from being in a large group.

For those running their own businesses, they also need health insurance that is affordable.

Join a Group

Many businesses can belong to organizations that offer benefits such as discounted rates on health insurance.

For example, the Freelancer’s Union provides options for health insurance for freelancers while the Graphic Artists Guild offers membership benefits for graphic artists. Photographers can join one of several groups, depending on which benefits they need.

To find out about national organizations in your industry, search with your field and “union” or “group” and see what comes up.

While insurance may not be provided through these organizations, they can often point you to a group or company where you can purchase more affordable health insurance.

Buy Some Coverage

One of the issues that many self-employed people find is that affordable health insurance doesn’t offer the same level of coverage that they enjoyed with an employer. Instead of waiting until you can afford the best policy, sign up for basic coverage.

Consider signing your kids up under your spouse’s coverage if you cannot afford it under your own policy. Don’t skimp out on coverage such as dental for your kids even if they have no issues with their teeth or if they are too little.

As the article, Your Child’s Dental Care: Everything You Need to Know, states, you can start taking care of your baby’s mouth and future teeth health almost from birth. Don’t wait until there are problems to get insurance coverage for your kids.

For your own coverage, look for a policy that pays for major expenses. It is usually cheaper than one that covers such items as prescription medications or annual exams.

If you budget these expenses in, you can handle them on your own. It is the major illness or injury that could leave you in deep debt.

Cut Back on Other Expenses

Health insurance isn’t cheap, but it is important.

When looking for ways to cut down on expenses now that you have a home-based business, don’t choose to do without health insurance. Instead, consider other areas where you can reduce or eliminate spending.

Look at those items that you deem must-haves, such as cable TV or unlimited cell phone service. Choose a cheaper plan and put the money you save towards your health insurance premiums.

Health insurance should be an essential part of your household budget if you have a home internet business. It is not a luxury, but something that everyone needs to pay for unexpected events.

While you may never find cheap insurance, you can find a policy that is affordable for you at the present time.

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About the Author: Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including home businesses and healthcare.

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