Don’t Market These Mistakes in Your Business


Sometimes, marketing simply goes wrong.

Take frozen pizza brand DiGiorno for example.

The brand hit headlines last year when they seized on the hashtag #WhyIStayed, which was intended to raise awareness of domestic violence. Their insensitive “#WhyIStayed – you had pizza” tweet was widely shared, leading to a long clean-up operation for DiGiorno.

One simple marketing mistake can have repercussions ranging from not connecting with the right customers to damaging your business reputation.

Here are a number of marketing mistakes that are bad news when you are trying to promote your home Internet business:

Not Understanding Your Target Market

Failing to understand and reach out to the right target market can damage your marketing campaign.

The two most common mistakes to avoid are trying to target too broadly, and targeting the wrong people.

If you classify “everyone” as your target market, you’ll fail to connect with anyone.

You need to focus on a target market that is quantifiable, and which you can understand in order to appeal to them.

For example, the way you market will be very different if your target market is young career focused city dwellers than if you’re looking to appeal to soccer moms. Know who you’re marketing to so you can pitch your message correctly.

Failing to understand your target market will make it hard for you to pitch your message correctly, which will lead to a lack of engagement.

Failing to Check Your Facts

As the article “5 of the Worst Mistakes to Avoid in Your Marketing Campaign” points out, some marketing mistakes come down to a simple failure to check facts and think through what you say.

Like the example of DiGiorno’s above – if they’d checked the context of the hashtag, they would have known to what it referred.

Before sending any marketing materials, whether digital or print, out into the world, thoroughly consider the implications of what you’re saying, and whether it could cause offense. If you’re going to use facts in your marketing campaign, make sure they’re correct.

Clever use of facts can back up a claim and bolster your message, but do check them first as unverified facts could leave you looking uninformed.

Muddying Your Message

One of the most common marketing mistakes is sending unclear messages.

Before starting any marketing campaign, decide what the eventual aim of the campaign is.

Is it to raise awareness of your brand? Target a specific segment of your audience? Increase sales of a product?
Whatever your central aim, craft your message to reflect that clearly and concisely.

If your aim is to inspire a specific course of action, such as purchasing from you, make that clear too with an unmissable call to action that tells your audience what their next step should be.

Confusing messages won’t make a strong impact on your audience, or motivate them to take the action you want them to take.

Not Reaching Out Enough

It can be all too easy to put your marketing campaign out there and assume it will just do its job from thereon out. However, that’s not an effective marketing plan, especially in these days of social media.

If you want your message to stay clear in people’s minds, you need to go where your audience is and get your message out there repeatedly.

Whether through networking events, following up on leads, or keeping up a strong presence on social media, make sure your target market stays aware of you.

Failing to keep up your presence means you won’t be in your customers’ minds when they need a home Internet business like yours.

Avoiding these common marketing mistakes is vital if you want your marketing to be effective in gaining sales and promoting a positive image of your brand.

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About the Author: Tristan Anwyn writes on a wide variety of topics, including branding, inbound marketing, marketing mistakes to avoid, and social media.

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