Don’t Overlook the Importance of Customer Loyalty


If your home Internet business doesn’t have many return customers, then you might be overlooking the importance of customer loyalty.

That’s right, by nurturing the relationships you have with your customers, you can create brand loyalty that results in consistent business.

Here is a look at how your home business can build customer loyalty:

U.S. Companies Putting Customer Loyalty First

Customer loyalty is an import aspect of running a home Internet business.

Without loyal customers, your business would have to start from scratch with each business transaction.

If your business is looking for some real-world examples of customer loyalty, here are just a few companies that put customer loyalty first.

Some good examples your home business can learn from include:

•Dell Computers – When it comes to PCs, Dell is king and for good reason. After customers receive their new Dell computers, customer service representatives call to make sure everything is working as expected and to ensure the customer is completely satisfied.

•Starbucks – With a combination of mobile apps and rewards programs, Starbucks keeps bringing customers back. Starbucks is a huge proponent of customer rewards, which has definitely created brand loyalty over the years.

•ProFlowers – Knowing what’s important to your customers is the key to business success. ProFlowers tracks past purchases and sends friendly reminders to its customers based on purchase dates. Whether it’s a dozen roses for Valentines or a birthday bouquet, ProFlowers is creating customer loyalty one reminder at a time.

Customer loyalty doesn’t happen overnight.

With that said, here are five helpful pointers to getting the loyalty ball rolling:

1. Offer Rewards

As the following article looks at, if your home Internet business is struggling to keep customers coming back, a customer loyalty program could be the remedy you’re looking for. Rewards can be anything from discounts on future purchases to product freebies to special pricing.

Whatever path you choose, just make sure your rewards program is exclusive to return customers. When your customers know they can’t get a deal like yours anywhere else, they’ll keep coming back.

2. Improve Customer Service

Take a tip from Dell and make your customer service unparalleled.

This means promptly responding to customer inquiries, staying active on social media, fixing problems quickly, and taking the time to help customers troubleshoot.

You don’t need a 24-hour customer care hotline, but being available to answer calls during business hours is important.

Likewise, responding to emails and texts after hours will always please your customers.

3. Listen to Your Customers

If you really want to create customer loyalty, then listen to your customers’ wants, needs, and concerns. It’s as easy as that.

By listening to your customers and implementing changes based on their opinions, you will create a more customer-centric home business, which will result in loyalty.

4. Follow Through With Promises
Whether you provide products or services through your home Internet business, it’s crucial that you follow through with each and every promise you make to your customers.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a delivery date or a money-back guarantee, fulfilled promises are the foundation of customer loyalty.

5. Say Thanks
Last, but certainly not least, let your customers know how much you appreciate their business.

Whether you send a follow-up thank you email or you make a call to just to say thanks, customer appreciation goes a long way in the pursuit for loyalty.

Keep in mind the pointers above and your home business will have a loyal following in no time.

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About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including marketing and customer satisfaction.

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