Don’t Overlook the Importance of Personalization in Your Business


Personalization is all important when marketing to your customers. You want them feel special, not just one of many.

With your home Internet business, you are probably already doing a lot of electronic marketing including emails and texts, which is fabulous.

But if you can add that extra bit of personalization, it’s icing on the cake.

As the following article looks at, check out these 5 tips for increasing personalization in your text message marketing campaigns:

1. Personalize your text messages – Use an application to add personalization to your marketing text messages. You can add your customer’s names to your messages, which will grab their attention. You can send out high numbers of texts at once with customer names inserted in each.

2. Automated response – By sending an automated response you can have certain messages that will be sent automatically depending on what your subscribers are doing/asking. This way they can receive information even when you can’t immediately send it.

3. Know your customers – Send them texts based on personal preferences. If you run a home Internet jewelry business, for instance, and you have certain customers who love your turquoise jewelry, send then SMS pertaining to that, not pieces they have no interest in. If you know they like a certain price range, keep that in the message. Use the information you get from them and send personalized texts based on preferences. This doesn’t mean they can’t receive general texts, but a personalized one geared to them will make them feel special and valued.

4. Be timely – Again, by knowing your customer base, you can send marketing messages at relevant times. Most text messages are read right away, so if it’s not seen in the first few minutes it hits, your customers may never read it as it gets buried beneath others.

5. Combine with other marketing techniques – When your customers opt in, use it. Send your SMS to coincide with your email distribution. If you send an email and then a personalized text message, it’s like a gentle reminder of the email. Also, keep your social media in-line with your texts and email. It will make a customer feel special when after seeing an offer on Facebook, he gets a personalized message about it.

The Personal Level

SMS is a great way to reach your customers on a personal level.

Texts are just that, personal, and your customers have chosen to receive them from you. The texts come in on mobile phones, which are personal in and of them.

Treat your customers well, add that touch of personalization and value, and you should see some increase in appreciation from them.

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About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer covering topics related to social media, marketing and working from home.

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