Find Comfort and Productivity Working from Home


Working from home is the life, right?

You can work your own hours, in your own wardrobe, in the midst of … wait, your kids’ homework is in the way, the cat’s on your lap and your spouse is watching TV way too loud.

You can fix this, though, by creating a comfortable, hence a more productive work atmosphere in your home office.

More Than 50 Percent of Workers Call Home Their Workplace

More and more people are working from home these days.

According to a Forbes study, more than half of the working population (120 million individuals) works in a small business and 52% of these are home based. That’s a lot of at home professionals, plus the large population of telecommuters. And all of these people need to be productive!

Just how do you do this?

Among the ways:

• Create a space with no or limited distractions. Having an office with a door will make for a more productive atmosphere, and if you don’t have a room to devote wholly to an office, find an area in your home that you can do so.
• Have a separate phone line. If possible, use a phone line for business only.
• Have a professional area, whether in your office room or in an open room. This should include a comfortable desk with a comfortable chair. When looking at the smart choices for a workstation to save space is Walmart’s Mainstays Corner Workstation Cherry with Black Accents, among the selections of office desks for a less intrusive look. With either of these choices, you have a designated work space and the kids’ homework can find somewhere else to go.
• A comfortable chair is necessary so you can work in comfort. Whether it’s an office chair or your favorite chair pulled up to the desk, find something where you’re good to sit for a few hours at a time if necessary.
• Find order and organization and keep it. The more organized you keep your work space, the more productive you’ll be. Even if you need to share some organizational space with home needs, find a way to organize your work life. It will make it much easier for you. From file cabinets to baskets to shelving, use what works best, but find something!
• Good lighting is essential. Maybe you have great natural light for your work space in your home, but you probably need some additional lighting. You may not realize how essential this is to productivity, but you don’t want to end up with a headache or strained eyes.
• Add some personality. This is your office – make it yours. Maybe an inspirational quote on the wall above the desk or a colorful splash of color is just what you need. The happier you are here, the more productive you can be.

Working from home is a big plus. But it’s up to you to make your space work friendly.

Find the way to make it comfortable and pleasant to be in, and you’ll see your work become more productive.

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About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer who covers topics on small business and mindful living.

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