Five Tips For Getting Positive Feedback In Your Business

No matter what industry you are in, positive feedback from your customers is always good for business. Seeing positive reviews online can show potential customers that your business is trustworthy and deserving of their patronage. It can also help you with your local SEO efforts, as Google takes into account the number of positive reviews a business receives when determining how high their site will rank in local search results. If you want to get positive feedback, here are some tips that will help you:


Do Your Best to Provide Outstanding Service


This is just basic common sense. If you expect your customers to write positive things about your company online, you must give them a reason to. Provide good quality products, conduct your business in a fair and ethical way and most importantly of all, resolve any problems that your customers are having with your products or services.


Add Your Business to the Review Sites


If your business isn’t already listed, add it to sites like Yelp, Yahoo Business and the BBB. Search the web for industry-specific review sites, such as TripAdvisor if your run a hotel and add your business to them too. Also, create a Google+ profile for your business, as the social network allows customers to leave reviews on business pages.


Ask Your Customers for Reviews on Your Receipts


Provide a link to your business’ page on review sites on your receipts or order confirmations. Some sites, such as Open Tell local restaurant reviews help ensure all reviews are genuine by only allowing customers who have a code coming from a sales receipt to leave comments about a business.


Follow Up With Your Customers By Email

Five Tips For Getting Positive Feedback In Your Business

If you do business primarily online, it is a good idea to follow up with customers who have purchased something from you by sending them a quick email. This gives you the opportunity to ask them for a review and also to address any questions or problems they may have with their purchase, thus increasing the chance that they will have a positive experience.


Let Your Customers Know They Can Review You


Include links to review sites on your main business website or blog, as well as your social media pages. If you have a physical location, create a sign that shows customers the websites where they can leave a review for your company.


If you follow these tips, you should soon start receiving an increasing number of positive reviews. As more people online start seeing the good feedback your business has, they may become your customers and in turn leave even more positive feedback for you.

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