Five Tips For Staying Safe On The Job

Five Tips For Staying Safe On The JobWorkplace injuries are a common occurrence that cause stricter rules to be enforced and even put employees on long-term disability. Even when working a dangerous job, it can still be possible to prevent injuries from occurring for the derangement of the position and create a more positive environment.


1. Learn Common Hazards


Learn about the most common hazards on the job and particularly with the position you’ll be doing. Write them down and memorize them to ensure they’re consistently fresh in your mind and to ensure you’re cautious of them while working. Just by being aware, you’ll be safer.


2. Wear Safety Gear


Wearing the safety gear required for the job is not only the primary way to reduce the risk of work-related injuries, but will also prevent you from being responsible should an accident occur. You can even take it a step further and wear gear that isn’t required, but will allow you to have heightened protection. If safety helmets and gloves are not worn and you’re injured, it can cause you to be ineligible for workers compensation for not following protocol.


3. Ask Questions


Never be afraid to ask a supervisor questions on the most common injuries that occur with the position and any recommendations on how to prevent harm. By staying informed, it will drastically prevent an injury and make it easier to work. Look for ways to improve safety for both yourself and other employees, while suggesting them to upper management to create a safer environment. Should an accident ever occur, immediately report it to a supervisor and contact a Work Injury Attorney Oakland to ensure your rights are protected as an employee.


4. Avoid Shortcuts


After years on the job, it can be easy to take shortcuts to increase productivity and cut time. However, many work-related accidents are caused by employees becoming lazy and cutting corners to make the job easier or even out of laziness. Prevent habits that could potentially lead to an accident and start off strong by always working the way you were trained and instructed.


5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help


Instead of trying to prove that you can doing a task on your own, don’t be afraid to ask others on your team for help in performing a duty. With the help of other spotters or assistants, more eyes will be able to see any hazards and the job will get done in a safer manner.


With the proper safety precautions taken for any job, it will not only create a safer workplace for yourself, but for those around you. It will also create a more professional appearance and contribute to a successful career that will be at low risk of having interruptions due to injury.

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