Five Tricks to Running a Low Maintenance Business

In today’s increasingly competitive market, running a low maintenance business is more important than ever before. Time is money, and it is counterproductive when small problems happen on a daily basis. By following these five tricks, business owners can be on their way to running a more productive company.

Consider a Cleaning Service

Five Tricks to Running a Low Maintenance Business

Keeping an office clean takes time and patience. Business settings can be hectic, and messes often quickly manifest as a result. Many business owners attempt to take care of janitorial needs in house, but this is inefficient in most circumstances. The investment in a regular cleaning service from a reputable company such as Kleenmark ensures the storefront is always ready to impress the next customer who walks through the doors.


Especially for larger businesses, it is important to have regularly scheduled meetings. Most companies are split up into a variety of departments, and it can be easy for the various heads of the business to fall off of the same page. Meetings allow for everyone to stay on top of the latest issues in the business.

Newbie-Friendly Environment

The production of each employee is crucial, and it can take time for new-hires to find their place in a new environment. Foster a quick transition by assigning new employees to a mentor who will be responsible for showing them the ropes early on so they can adapt more quickly.

Promote Wisely

Never allow personal relationships to alter your decision-making skills when it comes to granting promotions. Just because an employee is easy to get along with and fun to be around does not mean they will be the best candidate for training new employees. Scrutinize their credentials, and don’t be afraid to ask for input from other members of management when considering the promotion of an employee.

Detailed Job Description

It is important for each employee to clearly understand what is expected of them on a daily basis. Although paying new hires for additional training costs money, investing in time for them to completely understand their job is well worth it in the long run.

Better Business, Better Tomorrow

There are many stress factors involved with running a business, and it takes a well-prepared professional to overcome the obstacles that are sure to arise. Although things will go wrong, following these five simple steps can guide any entrepreneur in running a low maintenance business.

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