Five Ways To Increase Your Presence Online

Five Ways To Increase Your Presance OnlineAs business has evolved to embrace the innovations made possible by the internet, it is no longer just an option to have your business online; it’s a necessity for survival. Yet, even for businesses that put up a website, it can still be a mystery how to create the kind of strong, online presence that drives traffic and converts customers. Here are five approaches you can take to increase your online presence.


SEO or search engine optimization encompasses a broad set of tactics that apply across website design and content to improve site ranking in search engines. One standard technique is to improve the ability of search engines to index site content by providing links between all site pages. A widespread, but often abused strategy, keyword optimization aims to integrate specific, searchable terms into the text and title tags that apply to the business or site.

Social Media

Social media sites, such as Facebook and Pinterest, offer access to huge numbers of potential customers that self-segregate into specific niches. Ramping up relevant posts on these sites can help to draw attention to a business, improve its credibility and drive traffic back to the core site where viewers are more likely to make purchases.

Partner with Experts

Not every business has the time or manpower to manage all the elements necessary to improve online presence. These businesses often benefit from partnering with marketing experts., offers a partner program with marketing packages and materials that help businesses to reduce the learning curve.


Blogging allows companies to add content on a regular basis, which is good for site ranking, and interact with customers in structured way. A business can use a blog primarily as a news delivery vehicle, but successful blogs tend to mix in more prototypical blog posts. Many businesses develop how-to style blogs that give readers actionable content they can use in their own businesses or personal lives.

Go Mobile

Mobile devices, smart phones in particular, do a poor job displaying websites not built with mobile in mind. Having a site redesigned to accommodate mobile through responsive design or building a mobile specific version of your site can improve your presence though simple accessibility.


Increasing your online presence doesn’t need to be a mystery or a nightmarish experience. These approaches can be implemented one at a time to reduce the logistical problems and allow the business to adapt to the new demands over time.

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