Focus Your Home Business on Big Data


If you think your home Internet business can’t benefit from big data, think again.

Even a small business with one employee – you can benefit from the information that big data provides.

Specifically it can help you promote your internet business since you don’t have a storefront to draw attention to your products.

Build Awareness

The first step for a new home business owner is to create awareness that your company exists.

You can use big data to determine many aspects of your online presence, including the following:

•Amount of website traffic
•Social media shares
•Social media following and mentions
•Branded searches
•Backlinks from content
•Where the traffic is coming from

Some of the big data tools are free, like Google Analytics and HootSuite.

To take full advantage of the information and not get overwhelmed by the amount, you need to know what you are tracking and why.

Convert Visitors

Once people are aware that you exist, you want them to become customers. One way to do this is through the use of big data.

As the following article shows, your goal is to make money so you want to “Stay focused on the big data bottom line”.

You’ll look for information that tells you how long your customers stay on your site or on a particular page.

You’ll also learn at what point they leave if they don’t follow through.

You can find out what your click-thru rates are on certain pages or types of content and if you use ads, you can learn which ones are most effective. This helps you narrow your focus to what works instead of wasting time and money on what doesn’t.

Keeping Customers Happy

Getting new customers is only half the battle.

The other half is keeping them happy and coming back for more. One way to do this is to find out which offers or special deals you provide gets the best reaction. Find out how many customers read your emails and then follow up by clicking on your site.

You can also use big data to find out more about your customers.

What are their likes and dislikes? Where do they spend their time? What kinds of content do they like and share?

This information will help you focus emails, special offers and even products geared towards your best customers.

Your sales are likely to increase and so will your brand loyalty. You will find numerous ways to use the information to enhance your business.

For example, say you collect everyone’s birthday information when they make a purchase or sign up for the email newsletter.

You offer a special deal or free item every year for their birthdays. How many people stop at just the free item when they shop? More likely, they will take their free item and continue to shop for your latest products.

No matter whether your business has a physical location or an online presence only, you can benefit from the use of big data.

Use it to help your business get noticed and grow.

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About the Author: Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including business and technology.

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