Four Simple Ways to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Four Simple Ways to Increase Your Website's Conversion Rate

It doesn’t matter how many web-users access your site if they aren’t converting into paying customers. It’s all too common for businesses to concentrate solely on maintaining and expanding their website in order to attract more clicks, but it’s the conversion rate which really matters. Here are four ways in which you can easily help make sure those clicks turn into sales.

1. KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid)

The KISS philosophy is never more appropriate than when designing your website. Essentially, you need to keep navigation simple and avoid distracting users by using too many ads, font types, or graphics. People should know exactly what you’re offering and how they can get it as soon as they click onto the main page; if they struggle to understand what you’re selling, they’re very unlikely to buy it.

2. Create an Effective Call to Action

People don’t like making decisions, so it’s best to tell them exactly what to do. On a website, this is accomplished by writing a strong call to action (CTA). A CTA tells a user to contact you for more information, buy a product, sign up for your mailing list, or do anything else which you’d like. Make sure yours is clear, concise, and easily found.

3. Ensure Conversion is Easy

Web-users have very short attention spans – this is one of the reasons why the virtual marketplace is crowded with abandoned shopping carts. When you’re trying to convert clicks into sales – or anything else – make sure that doing so is as straight-forward as possible. The less information which users have to submit the better; ask for too much and they may become frustrated and leave the site. You should also make sure that your contact information – including the business address, email address, and phone number – are all clearly shown.

4. Keep Selling

Two conversions are better than one, and you can keep them coming by tapping into your list of previous customers. These people will be far more likely than first-time visitors to make another purchase, and their order should have provided an email address. You can use this to market directly to them, offering special deals and information concerning new products. You don’t want to send too many emails and become a nuisance, but just one a week can be enough to keep you in people’s minds.

Popularity is important, but remember that your website is ultimately about creating either revenue or exposure. It’s far better to have a high conversion rate than it is to have hundreds of users a day who don’t make any purchases, so ensure that your website maintenance includes making some of the changes listed above.

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