Get Noticed at Trade Shows with a Charging Station

By: Alek S.

If you ever have to pack up your business and hit the road for a trade show, you are entirely aware of the many challenges that come with standing out amidst the chaos and intrigue that you will be immersed in. When the true purpose of attending trade shows is to increase interest in your business, finding ways to make people stop at your booth is absolutely integral to your experience there. While there is practically an infinite number of ways to accomplish this, there is one general bit of advice that will keep you ahead of many others in the pack, even before you put in your own imaginative twists: charging stations. While it may sound simple, there are numerous benefits to including a charging station at your business’ trade show booth…

Make your booth a hub

Charging stationThe primary benefit of having a charging station at your company’s trade show booth is that it makes your space more than a simple bit of walk-by wallpaper in the convention room. Instead, it actually gives consumers something useful to interact with while they are walking around. Interaction is the absolute key to trade show success, and finding ways to utilize this will open up doors to build connections with customers. Although you should certainly find other ways to do this that are unique to you, setting up a charging station for customers is a great first step towards making your booth a hub to stop at.

Gives you time to converse with customers

When customers are stopping by your booth and taking advantage of the utility you are providing them, it offers you a clear opportunity to open up a connection with them. Not only does this period give you the time to strike up a conversation, but it gives you the time to search for a potential icebreaker that can lead towards more meaningful dialogue. Trade shows are all about connection and getting to be face-to-face. Take advantage of this. Truly get to know these people and take a genuine interest in them, and they will do the same for you and the reason you are there (your business).

Guests will socialize at your booth

Not only do charging stations present an opportunity for you to converse with consumers, but it also sets up a venue for them to socialize with each other. This is part of setting your booth up as a hub that is a place to stop by at a trade show, rather than just a spot to walk by, as if you were simply a piece of glorified wallpaper that paid to be there. Having an area that encourages socialization makes your company a part of the dialogue in these people’s lives in a truly meaningful way. When consumers begin to associate this with your company, then the ROI of attending a trade show is sure to be fulfilled.

Customers respond well to general courtesy

charging smartphoneAt the end of the day, the reason you went to a trade show was to expand your company’s image. For this reason, you want consumers to not only remember you, but to associate your business in a positive way. Charging stations are an incredibly simple way to do this, as it provides a very specific service that goes a long way in people’s minds, as it is something that nearly everyone needs, nowadays. People remember courtesy, and it will stick out in their mind even more than other flashes and gimmicks ever could. Providing utility to people, without expecting anything in return, is a noble effort that you always to be associated with.

Other trade show ideas

If you are looking for other potential ideas of how to stand out at a trade show, it’s important to realize that most possibilities need to be tailored around the specific convention and your business’ unique traits that separate it from the pack. However, there are certainly standard approaches that can be used and branched off of to help you get noticed. If you are looking for some of these ideas, check out this useful blog post here.

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