Getting Started: 5 Essentials to Starting Your Own Business Website

Woman on ComputerA robust online presence can help any business move from a decent, medium income company to a well-recognized one that brings in serious cash. Overhead for a website is minimal as compared to a retail location, and the potential customer base to be reached is practically unlimited. Creating a website is a great and easy way to work from home. In order to establish and make your website a success, you must follow these five essential steps.

Choose Your Web Address

Websites such as Go Daddy makes it simple to check availability of names. Select a name that is catchy and has something to do with your business. For example, if you build decks in North Carolina, something such as would be appropriate if available.

Gather Web Images

No one wants to view a boring website with text only. If you’re using Canada internet and your business produces a tangible product, take some high resolution pictures for posting on your website. Potential customers should be able to clearly see what your company produces. You can also buy stock images online for your site.

Design a Website Architecture

Sit down and determine how many pages your website will have, as well as what pages will link to other pages on your site. Keep in mind that navigation should be as simple as possible. Design the site architecture from the customer’s standpoint. No one wants to spend time on a website that frustrates them or where it is difficult to figure out how to place an order. Use a website template to speed things up.

Develop Web Content

As you develop text for your website, keep search engine rankings in mind. Content that is search engine optimized (SEO) will help improve your rankings, which will drive traffic to your site and should, in turn, improve orders for your business. Search engine optimization involves key words that potential visitors might use in a web search to locate a business that provides your services. A website that has incorporated SEO strategy will have keywords naturally inserted into the text of the website.

Monitor Website Statistics

You don’t need to rely on your home phone or in-person meetings to monitor statistics and meet with people. There are a number of online tools that can help you determine how much traffic your website is receiving. Depending on the tool, you can monitor how long visitors stay and what specific pages they are viewing. Understanding the statistics of your website will help you make improvements along the way to increase web traffic.

Establishing a strong web presence for your business should be a key piece of any good marketing campaign. Some targeted and deliberate action as you setup your business will improve the impact of your website immensely.

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