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In recent studies, it was determined that a whopping one-third of all Americans have listened to a podcast at least once. The number of podcasts being created has doubled since 2012.

The public’s awareness of podcasts has certainly increased, and will only grow in the future.

One indisputable factor that will lead to even more people listening to podcasts is the influence of available technology.

All automobiles produced from 2015 and on will have smartphone connectivity or online capabilities. That will make it easier for drivers to access podcasts from their vehicles.

The sweeping wave of cloud content also makes it effortless to access podcasts on every device.
Whether the user accesses podcasts from a tablet, iOS or Android phone, laptop, smart TV or computer, their podcast choices will be universally shared and managed at the touch of a button.

There has never been a better time to introduce podcasting to your array of marketing tools, including those wanting to promote their home Internet businesses.


Marketers know that strategic branding encompasses a broad assortment of methods of getting your business brand recognized and noticed. With podcasting, there is an additional way to get consumers to see you and your brand as an authority in your industry.

Each podcast that you create for your business can include your company logo as part of the icon. Every time your listeners view their podcast list, they will see your logo and it will be better imprinted in their mind.

In addition, each podcast you create can include the name of your brand as much as makes sense in a natural way.

When you’re sharing good information, your listeners won’t mind being reminded of the brand that is providing the podcast.


With every podcast that you create for your home Internet business, you have the opportunity to establish your authority within your industry. Consumers buy from sellers they trust that know what they are doing.

When you offer helpful podcasts that deliver valuable information that your consumers will appreciate, you are helping to build a platform of authority beneath you.

One particular industry that can benefit from publishing podcasts is the insurance business, a business where it is not uncommon for agents to have their own small businesses, many of which are run from home.

As an insurance agent working from home, you can demonstrate how well aware you are of the insurance needs of your clients by delivering timely, relevant podcasts that will help your clients protect their assets.

For some great ideas on podcast topics for the insurance industry, check out, “7 Stitcher Podcasts Any Insurance Agent Will Benefit From.”

For example, as an insurance agent, you could create podcasts related to dealing with severe weather, how to prove asset ownership with photos and video, how to record serial numbers on assets, who to report claims, and so on.

When your listeners see that you are truly vested in teaching them about how to protect their possessions, they will see that you have authority in your field.

When you integrate podcasting into your marketing strategy, you will really boost your sales potential, increase your home Internet business’ brand awareness, and prove your authority in your industry.

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About the Author: Kate Supino writes about marketing and best business practices.

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