Grow Your Home Business at the Optimal Rate


To grow your home Internet business at the optimal rate, you need to scale at a steady and controllable rate.

If you grow too big too soon, your business could get out of control and crash. If you grow your business too soon, you could lose the momentum it takes to thrive over the long term.

Here are some things to consider as you seek that optimal rate for home business growth….

Flush Out Your Infrastructure

You need to flush out your infrastructure to support your business needs now as well as your business goals in the future. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself having to struggle with developing a revised infrastructure to try to support a changed business.

In order to build an infrastructure that will support future growth, you need to think about what your business might look like in the future.

Put pieces and plans in place to accommodate more and different clients, more products, and an increased need for customer support, logistics for shipping, record-keeping, etc.

Be bold about your vision for the future of your business. If you never need to use that extra plan, so be it.

But if your business does grow and you need it, you’ll be ready to support it.

Put Barriers in Place to Block Overload

Your home business can only handle so many orders at one time.

If you have a web site set up to take orders for a homemade product, for example, you can only churn out so many of those products in one day.

If you need to post a “sold out” sign on your online product listing for a day or two to catch up with orders, then do so.

Being sold out of a product is far better than making a customer wait for an order that isn’t going to be fulfilled for weeks.

That could result in negative reviews that can harm your business reputation.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Handle

If you’re sewing children’s clothes on your kitchen table and selling them online with great success, you’d be delighted to find out that the Today Show wants to interview you and showcase your business.

But the resulting orders from your spot on NBC will likely crash your Weebly website and create a nightmare backlog for your business that you may never recover from.

Though counter-intuitive, it would be much better to decline or postpone the Today Show invitation, at least until you can move production to a warehouse or overseas, so you’ll be able to cash in on the resulting television exposure.

Don’t Abandon Common Sense

As the following article shows, when it comes to scaling and aiming for success for your small business, many small business owners make the mistake of throwing common sense out the window.

You wouldn’t max out a household credit card so you and your spouse could go on a crazy spending spree, right?

Don’t spend frivolously and max out credit cards on business items that may not pay you back in returns. You’ll not only ruin your personal finances, but you’ll ruin your business.

If you don’t have the money to buy something you think you need for your business, your first thought shouldn’t be – I’ll buy it on credit.

Your first thought should be – how can I accomplish what I want without buying what I can’t afford.

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About the Author: Kate Supino writes about small business best practices.

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