Growing Your Business – Five Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Growing Your Business- 5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your WebsiteThere are many strategies that you can use to consistently drive traffic to your website, and by using a combination of these techniques, you can greatly raise the revenue that your website generates.


Targeted Keyword Phrases


A website owner must choose particular keyword phrases to target, and by analyzing statistics, the website owner can choose certain keyword phrases that Internet users search for very frequently and that can generate very high conversion rates.

Consistently Posting New Content

The website owner should frequently post new content on the website, and each new article or blog post should be relatively long, unique and full of targeted keyword phrases.


In the past, website owners could post articles with keyword densities of between eight percent and ten percent, but due to Google’s algorithm updates, webpages that have content with keyword densities of between one percent and four percent now rank the highest in the search engines.

High Quality Backlinks

A website owner should build many high quality backlinks on other webpages that are in the same niche as the website, and links that are placed on a website that has few other outbound links will be much more authoritative.


Furthermore, a business owner can hire a company that specializes in natural link building, and the company will establish links in web directories, on popular blogs, on websites that are frequently updated and on web 2.0 pages.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

A business that launches a pay-per-click marketing campaign will be able place customized ads on hundreds of other websites within several hours, and the business owner can determine the monthly budget of the campaign and choose the amount of money that the company pays for each click.


Additionally, the website owner can choose certain geographical areas to target and determine whether the website receives traffic from computers or from mobile devices.

Social Media Optimization

The social media networks are swiftly becoming more integrated with the search engines, and a business that has many positive reviews on the networks will rank much higher in the search engines.


In addition, a business owner can create profiles for the company on various social media networks, consistently post about discounts and new products and answer any questions that social media users may have.


There are many strategies that a marketer can use to drive traffic to a website. Some of these include targeting particular keyword phrases, consistently posting new content, building high quality backlinks, pay-per-click advertising and social media optimization.

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