How to Find the Best Theme for Your Business Website

When launching the online presence for your business, you have to balance a lot of different concerns. On one hand, you want something to come together quickly, so you’re not spending months in development. You also need a low cost option, as most startup companies don’t exactly have an unlimited amount of cash to throw around. And while ease of use is crucial, you also don’t want something that looks just like every other site out there. You can balance it all by purchasing a quality website theme. With the right theme and an inexpensive hosting service your site can be branded and up and running in days instead of weeks, giving you quick and effective access to online customers and clients. But it will all fall apart if you don’t make the right call from the beginning. Here are a couple of tips to help you find the best theme for your business website.

First off, check out the development team behind any theme you are considering. Whether you go with something created by WordPress or a private company, you have to know that someone will be there to help if you run into trouble. Free themes don’t usually come with customer support, and if your website is complicated it will probably be worth it to pay for a premium site that has quality developers backing it up. Just take the time to research the company that created the theme. Have they been in business for a while, with a wide range of themes out there? Do they regularly post upgrades, or has the theme sat untouched for months or years? Not every company will maintain their work aggressively, but if you choose one that does you’ll face far fewer problems down the road.

Next, consider the look of the theme. The goal is to find something that fits your business without requiring much tinkering. The more you have to change the code to match up with your desires for a website, the greater the chance of malfunctions and breakdowns. Try to find something that’s distinctive and doesn’t look like a stock theme, but is easy to adjust to make it your own. Hopefully changing up colors and fonts is fairly easy, but otherwise the site is ready to go. This is your best bet for an inexpensive and fast solution to your website needs.

Now you should consider the costs involved. Money is always a concern, regardless of your industry. Free themes could be good to start, but if you find a great theme that costs less than $100 it’s probably worth the investment. Just make sure that you don’t have to pay any sort of annual fee. The goal is a lifetime license, and most developers won’t charge you again. If there is some sort of renewal fee, make sure you are getting enough support and future development work to make it worth your investment.

At this point you should explore the deeper features of the theme. One of the most important is having something that is designed with search engine optimization in mind. You might not start out investing much time and energy in SEO, but as your business expands it will become more and more important. Check with the developer for further insight, to make sure the theme comes coded for ease of search engine recognition, with minimal additional work required.

Further customization should be obvious and user-friendly. If you’re working with WordPress, for example, look to the detailed description of the theme offered by the developer. Chances are you’ll find more here than you ever expect to use. But make sure that basic page layout, adding pages and adjusting some amount of the look can happen without requiring any programming knowledge. If the site isn’t easy to adjust you may end up stuck with something you’re not happy with. And then you’ll have to pay a web designer, which is exactly what you probably hoped to avoid.

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