How to Gain Success for Your Brand by Sponsoring an Event

There are a lot of tips and tricks out there with the purpose of helping your business be successful. It seems like every time you think you know how to be successful, you see another post, another article, another blog telling you that your strategies are all wrong and there are new and better ways to get people on board with your business. While it’s true that there are always going to be new ways to promote your business, that doesn’t mean that the ways you’ve been able to gain success so far are moot. If you’re unsure of how to get your brand in front of more people, it never hurts to go back to the basics.

Literally put your brand in front of new customers

The best way to raise awareness of your brand is to make it impossible for potential customers to not see you. One of the best ways to put yourself in front of new clients is by making appearances at events. By sponsoring events in one way or another, you’re presenting yourself to new people in a very physical manner.

How to get people to stop at your booth

At an event where there are multiple vendors, even if they’re not in the same field as you and actually competitors, you’re still competing with them for the time and attention of everyone that walks past. So you need to have a booth that is impossible to walk past. Your display needs to be attractive and desirable to everyone that walks past. One great way to accomplish this is to have refreshments on your table. An inexpensive way to do this is to serve refreshing drinks, especially at an outdoor event. Everyone will want to stop at your table to have a free drink, and will see you and your brand that way. If you don’t want to go the drink route, another inexpensive treat would be to have popcorn to hand out to anyone who walks by. People will remember you and your business if they remember eating something delicious and talking to someone friendly. Here are some more ideas for outdoor events.

Be engaging

Being engaging is just as important as giving people what they want, as discussed in the previous paragraph. Even if you have delicious, cold drinks for anyone that walks by, if you don’t talk to them or aren’t friendly, you won’t gain any business. You shouldn’t make anyone else do the work; new customers don’t want to work to buy your products and services. So make sure that whoever is at your booth is friendly, warm, and engaging, to maximize your chances of someone gaining interest in your brand and choosing to purchase your brands and services.

Make it easy to follow up

At a big summer event, it will be all too easy for potential customers to forget about you in the sea of vendors and companies that they see at the event. Even if they were genuinely interested in you and your products, they may forget what your name or the name of your company is, and you’ll lose their business. So you need to make it easy for you to follow up with them and remind them of their interest in you. A great way to do this is to host some sort of raffle or giveaway of your services. When they stop by to get one of your complimentary drinks, you can encourage them to drop their name and contact information in a jar for a chance to win free services or products. After you’ve selected a winner, you still have all of the information necessary to contact the individuals who were interested in your services.

Be interesting

Definitely the most important thing about sponsoring an event, is to be interesting. Be unforgettable. Have a display that makes people stop and talk to you. You want to hook people in and make them want to buy into your brand.

If you take all of these components and put them to practice at your next summer event, you’ll definitely see a return on investment and begin to see success from your efforts. Be friendly, be engaging, be interesting, give the people what they want, and then follow up with them afterwards.

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